15 Foolproof Christmas gift ideas for 2023

15 Foolproof Christmas gift ideas for 2023

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Christmas is just around the corner, and the hunt for the perfect gifts has begun. Whether you're on a tight budget or looking to splurge, our 2023 Christmas gift guide has you covered. We've scoured the holiday market to curate a list of 15 foolproof gift ideas that cater to every budget and suit every taste

Tisserand Gift of Calm kit, £16

Tisserand gift of calm
It’s been a long old year, and between family gatherings and last minute shop runs for Brussel Sprouts, things don’t exactly slow down over Christmas! Why not gift your stressed out loved one a moment of calm with Tisserand’s Lavender, Bergamot and Patchouli blended essential oils
The kit includes a roller ball that you can apply to your pulse points at any given moment, a mist that can be sprayed into the air or onto your pillow for a calming night’s sleep, and a massage and body oil for your more indulgent relaxation moments. 
They come in a sleek and smart black pouch that you can easily slip into your bag so that you can find that moment of calm whenever and wherever you need it.

Rebel Gardening: A beginner’s handbook to organic urban gardening by Alessandro Vitale, £18.99

Rebel Gardening
Fancy some fresh veggies with your Christmas dinner? OK, so maybe they won’t be ready in time to be on the table this year, but you can give the green-fingered gardener in your life some inspiration with this gardening guide from Alessandro Vitale, known on YouTube and TikTok as Spicy Moustache.
Whether they live in a city apartment with just a small balcony of outside space, or maybe even just half a window ledge, there is always room to re-connect with nature and grow your own sustainable ingredients with the space that you have.
For the conscious environmentalist, this book is great for learning all about urban gardening, from understanding how microorganisms help to feed your plants, to recycling plastic bottles into mini greenhouses.

Signature Cocktails by Amanda Schuster, £29.95

signature cocktails
What better way to celebrate this festive season and wow your Christmas party guests than by showing off your skills mixing drinks and making delicious cocktails for friends and family? Well if this sounds appealing, or you're looking for some new cockatil ideas or a gift for the cocktail-loving person in your life, then look no further than this excellent book by Amanda Schuster.
The author covers everything from well-known classics, such as the Bellini, to the new cocktails, like Twin Cities from New York's cool Dead Rabbit bar. Each unique drink is accompanied by the name of the creator, place and date of invention, as well as a striking, specially commissioned image and, of course, the easy-to-follow recipe.

With the skills and the knowledge this book gives, you or your loved one will be able to make amazing cocktails and tell the fascinating story behind them as well. 

Hair Syrup The Hydration Station bundle, £38.59

If your locks are in need of a little love, look no further than Hair Syrup’s Hydration Station bundle. The TikTok-viral brand began with a simple home-made pre-wash hair oil and has grown to include oils for all kinds of hair woes.
The Hydration Station bundle includes a Hair Syrup and a buttercream for reviving coarse, thirsty hair as well as a handful of accessories that will make your next hair wash day feel totally luxurious, like a microfibre hair turban, a satin scrunchie and a satin pillowcase. Washing your hair has never been so satisfying!

Japan: The Vegetarian Cookbook by Nancy Singleton Hachisu, £39.95

cookbook japan
More popular than ever, Japanese food and vegetarianism are a match made in heaven. This book collects new recipes from Nancy Singleton Hachisu, one of the most authoritative voices in Japanese home cooking today, making it an ideal present for any vegetarian foodies in your family or friends (or anyone who wants to eat less fish and meat in the new year). 
250 Recipes are divided by cooking style—dressed, vinegared, deep-fried, simmered, steamed, stir-fried, grilled, pickled and sweet. This easy to navigate book also offers up Hachisu's expert knowledge of ingredients, traditions and culture of these much-loved culinary delights. Some choice dishes include taro, soba gaki and celery leaf tempura, fiddlehead ferns in sesame vingear and namasu-stuffed yuzu pots. Simply delicious.

Salter Eco Bamboo Electronic Kitchen Scale, £39.99

thumbnail_Salter Eco Bamboo Electronic Kitchen Scale - Lifestyle
Whether you’re shopping for an eco-conscious food fanatic who’s trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, someone who prefers a naturalistic kitchen aesthetic, or just someone who has a tendency to misplace batteries when they’re needed, this could be the perfect gift for them.
These Salter scales offer a rustic, wooden aesthetic made from FSC certified bamboo, meaning you can enjoy a conscious Christmas, comforted by the knowledge that whoever you’re giving this gift to will be the one doing all the weighing out and cooking! It’s also USB rechargeable, which means that you won’t even have to think about where you put that spare pack of batteries in between Christmas courses.
The best part? For every scale sold, Salter will plant a tree, giving the gift of green for Christmas.

Brains Pure CBD, £50 

Working with the science of nature, this Brains Pure CBD supplement range is the perfect addition to your stressed-out loved one’s health-conscious regime. The combination of CBD with a variety of herbs and vital nutrients makes each product individual so that you can show your consideration this Christmas by selecting the perfect nutrients to suit the holistic wellness needs of your gift recipient.
What’s more, Brains is the only company to sell products containing GMP Certified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) CBD in the world. Made in the UK from 99 per cent pure CBD crystals—without the THC—each supplement can be selected in accordance with one’s health needs. 

Wintour jewellery box, £65 

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 11
This travel jewellery box by Wintour is a delightful and imaginative piece of functional art. Its funky design is both eye-catching and practical, making it an exquisite gift for those hard-to-shop-for friends or family members who love to travel and cherish their jewellery.
The vibrant colours such as aqua, orange and stone add a dash of personality to the box, making it more than just a storage solution—it's a statement piece. It's a practical and smart way to keep your valuables safe and organised while on the move.
This jewellery box provides peace of mind for anyone who's ever worried about their precious pieces getting scratched, lost, or damaged during their travels. With everything in one place, it's the perfect solution for the avid traveller.
The product comes in two sizes to suit different needs and budgets—the mini Moritz for everyday use (£65) and the travel-sized Moritz (£95) for vacations and getaways. The magnetic popper clasps ensure extra security, while the vegan leather and slim, compact design make it perfect for slipping into handbags and rucksacks.

Luigi & Iango: Unveiled edited by Thierry-Maxime Loriot with a foreword by Madonna, £69.95

luigi and iango
This first monograph of the works of the celebrated photographic duo Luigi Morenu and Iango Henzi is a perfect and thoughtful gift for anyone who's a fan of artistic photography and celebrity culture. 
The pair's timeless quality to their photography make their artistic photographs of celebrities truly majectic, with images of Madonna, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Gisele Bündchen and Penélope Cruz, to name just a few—some in black and white, others in colour. Alongside these portraits of iconic supermodels and artists are photographs of Japanese Kabuki and other imaginative and cultural works. 
Released to coincide with a major exhibition of their work, this mindblowing monograph is a work of artistic photography that celebrates Luigi and Iango's amazing portraits and the creativity of its subjects at the same time. 

Giving me time gift set, £105 

Give the gift of time this Christmas with this beautifully botanical four-piece skincare set from Grown Alchemist. For the loved one who needs a bit more self-love, these vegan certified skincare products contain plant-based extracts which are natural, gentle and soothing on sensitive and reactive skin types.
The rose and bergamot in the gel facial cleanser in particular help to purify and decongest the skin and smell absolutely incredible. Likewise, the willow bark in the hydra-repair day cream helps to balance your skin to leave you looking and smelling fresh and floral. 
This luscious skincare gift set is perfect for those who need to give themselves a little more rest and relaxation, and will help to restore skin to its summer glow, in plenty of time for the first flowers of spring.

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro volume limiting, active noise cancelling adult headphones, £120 

Christmas day…a time to spend time with family and enjoy each other’s company, complete with Michael Bublé’s Christmas album on repeat. As much as you may love to hear the kids playing with their new toys and listening to the same terrible Christmas cracker jokes, maybe you want to crack on in the kitchen and keep the good tidings flowing, without damaging your own hearing in the process. If this sounds like your Christmas day, these PuroPro headphones could be your perfect pressie.
With an emphasis on protecting customers’ hearing, these headphones enable you to block out the sound around you, without exceeding 96 dB, as recommended by the World Health Organisation. Complete with wireless Bluetooth in a handy, foldable design, these headphones are also easy to travel with and can be used for up to 32 hours.

Shokz OpenFit wireless earbuds, £179

SHOKZ_OpenFit_BK_BG_Rendering (1) copy
If you want to get out for a walk over Christmas to get some fresh, chilly air and have a little time to yourself, wrap up in your new jacket or scarf and hit the pavements with these wonderful wireless earbud headphones in your ears. 
The first pair of fully wireless headphones from Shokz, these earbuds aren't like others—rather than blocking out external sounds, the open-ear design of OpenFit is built around the ear, leaving the inner ear open for comfort. This signature design means that listeners can enjoy music or podcasts, while still aware of the world around them, for additional safety and better ear hygiene (these earbuds won't give you an ear infection like some can!)
With newly developed acoustic technology, DirectPitch, sound waves are sent into the ear via air conduction—instead of the inner ear vibrating, it's the air! These technologically advanced, lightweight earphones are available in black or beige and are perfect for your post-Christmas workouts too, thanks to the secure Dolphin Arc Ear Hook design. 

Ultenic K20 Dual Basket Air Fryer, £179.99

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in air fryers, making it quite challenging to select the right one from the multitude of options available on the market. The Ultenic K20 is a versatile and affordable option that might just become a favourite in your home.
First off, it's incredibly user-friendly, making it perfect for both newcomers and seasoned cooks. Its settings and modes are a cinch to navigate, and it simplifies the cooking process.
What truly sets this air fryer apart, though, is its unique dual-basket design. This has been a game-changer for us, especially when cooking for more than one person. It means you can cook two different dishes at the same time without worrying about flavours mixing. Perfect for those "second serving" moments.
But the best part? It's incredibly versatile. We’ve tried everything from air frying chips to broiling pork chops and baking fish—all with fantastic results. It's like having a mini kitchen at your disposal!

Marshall Middleton Bluetooth speaker, £269.99

This small but mighty Marshall Middleton Bluetooth speaker seamlessly marries the iconic sound quality associated with the Marshall brand with a timeless, classic design. Available in cream and black, it's not just a speaker; it's a stylish accessory that will complement any room.
One of its standout features is the remarkable 20+ hours of playtime, ensuring that your music continues to delight your ears from day to night. The speaker also functions as a portable charger, making it an essential companion for those who need to keep their devices powered up while on the move.
For those who have experienced Marshall's iconic sound amplifiers, the Middleton won't disappoint. It greets you with that familiar, satisfyingly heavy, bass-rich sound when turning it on or off, adding an extra layer of excitement to your music sessions.
What truly sets the Middleton apart though, is its portability. It's designed for those who like to take their music with them, whether that means wandering around the house or enjoying tunes in the great outdoors. This speaker will effortlessly adapt to your lifestyle.

Ultenic FS1 Auto Empty Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, £398

FS1 (2)
Give the gift of the Ultenic FS1 Auto Empty Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner if you really want someone’s Christmas to suck—at low, high, auto, or turbo speed.
The cordless nature of this vacuum cleaner means you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in the cord as you try and manoeuvre round the wrapping paper that’s strewn all over the carpet days after Santa’s visit. The LED light on the brush head illuminates dark areas and the range of attachments included enables users to get to those hard-to-reach areas, like underneath the shedding Christmas tree, or around the table after someone got particularly excited over Christmas dinner.
This vacuum cleaner also comes with 3L dust bags so it only needs emptying once a month, as well as an automatic, emptying station so your hands can remain as clean as your freshly vacuumed carpets.
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