Gifts for your (Adult) loved ones this holiday

Gifts for your (Adult) loved ones this holiday

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A few gift ideas for your adult loved one this holiday.
Who says that Christmas is just for the kids? After a very stressful couple of years, it’s time for us adults to kick back and get pampered this holiday season. As the most wonderful time of the year begins, here’s a few of the best gift ideas for grownups — whether you’re shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa (or all three):
Diamond hedge
Diamonds are forever, and an innovative new website called Diamond Hedge lets you try stones on your very own hand (virtually, of course) using augmented reality. They also allow you to design custom rings and search and compare over 1 million ethical and conflict free natural and lab grown diamonds. You can filter your search by carat, color, cut, clarity, and price across major jewelry retailers including Jared and Signet for engagement rings, wedding rings, and any diamond jewelry for your loved one.
2. Ecosense EcoBlu
ecosense vblu
Most of us are doing more in our homes than ever before, so what better gift than peace of mind for the holidays, and beyond? Often dubbed the ”silent killer,” radon, an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas, is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. The Ecosense EcoBlu™ is a digital radon detector with fast, accurate, and real-time results displayed on an LED screen. This inauspiciously cute device integrates the latest patented radon sensor technology and delivers an easy-to-use, fast, highly-accurate, compact, and affordable solution for continuous radon monitoring.
bob the pillow
Speaking of peace, how about the gift of a good night’s sleep, every night of the year? “Bob the Pillow” is a unique (patent pending) leg pillow designed to provide proper anatomical alignment for your body so you can get a restful night's sleep. “Bob” allows for full range of motion, full leg support, great airflow, and has corrective elements to keep you in the proper side sleeping position all night long. “Bob” knows that a lack of sleep has long been correlated with depression, anxiety and obesity — none of which you need in 2023.
bearbottom clothes
If you’re feeling adventurous this winter, Bearbottom Clothing offers a wide range of activewear for the gym, outdoors, or just lounging around just about anywhere. All Bearbottom apparel is made of premium fabrics with performance in mind — through work, life, and play. In addition, the company operates on a buy-one-give-one model, similar to Tom’s Shoes, whose mission is to give back to communities around the globe. When you do your holiday shopping at Bearbottom this year, you’ll be helping schools, hospitals, and other strategic locations in Tampa, Florida, and India.
Tinas vodka
After all of that holiday activity, it’s time to kick back in front of the fireplace with an adult drink. Created by singer/songwriter Tina Karras and inspired by her ancestors, the Greek poets, Tina’s Vodka, released in 2021, is distilled up to six times and filtered using a proprietary method involving renewable organic coconut shell to ensure your holiday vodka is clean and pure. Tina’s is top-shelf quality that you can taste and feel, with no filter needed. And unlike other domestic vodkas, Tina’s never uses GMO corn. It is available at Total Wine as well as at retailers around the Los Angeles area and online at Greekazon.com which ships to 44 states.
Use it as the base in those holiday cocktails you’re making or sip it straight. You won’t be disappointed!
Nesa's hemp
Nesa Ponomariovaite, the founder of Nesa’s Hemp, likes to say that you can’t transform others unless you transform yourself first. To that end, Nesa’s produces a “living” CBDa hemp extract that is 1,000x stronger than traditional CBD. While other hemp companies offer "dead" CBD that's been cooked at high temperatures, Nesa's keeps the plant alive while the super-potent "raw" CBDa is extracted at a low temperature.
Ponomariovaite says that her cold extraction method preserves the natural “intelligence” of the plant, which is necessary for sustaining human life and maintaining health. It also protects the plant’s natural molecular structure, resulting in hemp that is rich with healthy fats, vitamins, naturally occurring CBDa, and beneficial phytonutrients. The company is able to create an ultra-pure product because they control every part of the process — from seed to bottle — and because they produce very small batches with a high level of precision. Finally, Nesa’s products are packaged in a gift-worthy, light-blocking glass bottle to protect your purchase and prolong its potency.
merge cube
You’re never too old to be a student of life, and the Merge Cube lets you hold digital 3D objects (i.e. holograms), enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world. Users can explore a galaxy in the palm of their hand, hold fossils and ancient artifacts, explore a DNA molecule, investigate the Earth’s core, dissect a virtual frog, hold their own 3D creations in the palm of their hand, and more. To experience something spectacular, simply download and launch Merge Cube compatible apps and point your device's camera at the Cube, then watch it transform into a virtual object. Go on, make the kids jealous.
The Merge Cube has won over 20 awards in various categories such as innovation, toys, learning, and more. It has also been featured in  Forbes, Newsweek, Into Tomorrow, Next Pit, AR Critic, and Sohn.com
Mddao card
A lifetime of health is the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. By gifting an MdDAO membership, you are not only promoting a loved one’s individual health and wellness and a lifetime of healthy living, but also giving them a unique opportunity to help reimagine and shape the future of healthcare. Memberships are available for as little as $150.00; each tier level includes voting rights and comes with exclusive benefits, ranging from free MedV Tokens to discounts on MdDAO healthcare metaverse items to access to exclusive events. Additional perks will be announced in the near future.
Founded in 2021, MdDAO was born from the collaborative initiative of individuals with a diverse and complementary set of expertise in healthcare, marketing, and technology. It is building the premier metaverse in the area of health and wellness, improving access to care, hosting innovation, and leveling the playing field. Transactions on the MdDAO-derived metaverse, as decided upon by the DAO, will include — but are not limited to — virtual property, events, and healthcare services. The medical utility token (MedV) will serve as the preferred transactional token on the metaverse and be complemented by a “healthy habit” rewards program to drive adoption in the virtual and physical worlds.
podcast course
Gifting an entrepreneur this holiday season? Then you'll want to consider this exceptionally unique gift, a comprehensive introduction to the hottest space in the media universe: podcasting.
The Podcast Accelerator is the only podcast coaching program that brings students from podcast concept to completion in just eight weeks. With virtual hands-on and live step-by-step training from podcasting experts Ginni Saraswati and Michelle Sorro, students learn how to create an engaging podcast and master the equipment with 1-on-1 tech training. Better yet, they’ll be coached every step of the way on mindset, marketing, and audio media. Additionally, the Podcast Accelerator includes custom-made cover art, music fitting your show’s vibe, professional publishing, custom-made promo trailers, and more. After producing over 150 podcasts since 2020, Saraswati and Sorro know exactly what it takes to bring a voice and vision to life without overwhelm, making it an exceptional gift for any creator, entrepreneur, or talker in your life.
Etsy is so last holiday season! This year, it’s all about Macorner, a personalized gift company specializing in drawings of the people you love. The e-commerce site boasts a wide range of options for family, friends, pet lovers, relationships and more. Since 2020, Macorner’s artists have fulfilled almost 2 million orders of unique and fun items for customers worldwide, with bespoke products ranging from home decor, apparel, and drinkware to accessories such as keychains and signs. This year, they have created a one-stop Santa’s workshop for your own corner, whether you’re decorating your living space or buying gifts for loved ones, making these personalized gifts a great and unique gift for any holiday occasion.
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