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Kitchen decorating ideas on a budget


13th Dec 2019 Home & Garden

Kitchen decorating ideas on a budget

It is the place where families gather, meals are cooked, and memories are made. It deserves a little tender loving care. Our kitchens serve us not only a warm plate of food, but also irreplaceable moments with the ones we love.

If you have lived in your home for awhile or are a new homeowner, you may be noticing your kitchen is deserving of some brand new kitchen updates. Did you know the average kitchen remodel comes in at £25,000? Don’t stop breathing just yet because upgrading your kitchen does not have to break the bank. These cost effective ways to update a kitchen will have you heading to your local hardware store feeling inspired.

Here are some low cost kitchen ideas that your outdated kitchen will love:

Freestanding Kitchen Units

Looking for a way to customise your kitchen can be easy with freestanding kitchen units like the ones created by Murdoch Troon. Since freestanding kitchen units aren't fixed to a specific place you are able to create a space you love without spending a large amount of money. Edgy and unique, you can customise and utilise your kitchen with pieces that work best for you.

Roll Out The Rugs

Hide that old, ugly floor of yours with new kitchen rugs. Make your kitchen come alive with today’s trendy rugs by adding vintage runners along your sink and stove floor. Your feet will thank you. You can also try layering rugs under you dining room table for added texture and style.

Hang Some Artwork

Are you keeping artwork out of your kitchen? Don’t! Adding artwork to your kitchen will modernise your kitchen and help it stand out. Artwork can be added to open walls or even on empty counter space. Do you have open space between your cabinets and ceilings? If so, this is the perfect place to place leaning paintings or other artsy treasures.

Stainless Steel Driving You Crazy?

Are you tired of your stainless steel appliances, but they’re still working great? Update your appliances with a little bit of colour. That’s right! You can use vinyl or wallpaper with a water resistant solution to update your appliances and help them stand out.


Need I say more? Plants are a lovely way to update your kitchen. Not only are they beautiful, but they also help to keep the air in your home clean. Place them on shelves, the kitchen window, or on the island. I should warn you, though. If you have one, you will definitely want more! 

Time for Texture

Add some texture to your kitchen without renovating the whole room. You can do this by adding a fun, colourful backsplash that will help your kitchen walls stand out. Also, if you have stainless steel appliances and coloured cabinets you can opt for a wooden textured island. The possibilities are endless.

Say Yes to Open Cabinets!

Open up your kitchen space by removing cabinet doors. Removing cabinet doors allows you to show off your unique cups and beautiful bowls. With a few unique tricks, like hanging hooks from the top shelf for your tea cups, this easy kitchen remodel idea will have your kitchen looking like it is straight from a magazine.

Make it Monochrome

Grab your paint brushes friends and start painting. Choosing a bold colour for both your walls and cabinets may be all the love your kitchen needs. Home update ideas like monochrome paint keeps money in your pocket while helping your kitchen look interesting and trendy.

Pendant Lighting

Let your kitchen shine bright when you change kitchen lighting. Pendant lights can tie a whole room together. They can also stand out to shine all on their own if you are looking for a little kitchen character. If you aren’t ready to start any large electrical projects just yet, your local hardware/DIY store should have pendant lights that are able to be plugged into outlets.

Need More Lights?

Light check, please! If you are considering ideas for updating kitchen pendant lights, don’t stop there. If you have space under your cabinets consider adding under cabinet lights. This is a great way to showcase any artwork on display, brighten up your backsplash, and add extra light to when you meal prep.

Makeover Your Countertop

Ready to revamp your kitchen counters without spending boat loads of money? Grab a kitchen counter makeover kit, follow the directions, and get the look you love. From granite to marble finishes, a kitchen counter makeover kit is a simple kitchen idea for you to update your kitchen on a budget.

Hang Floating Shelves

If you have been scrolling through your Pinterest feed lately then you have noticed floating shelves are the newest kitchen trend for a modernised kitchen feel. Say goodbye to those bulky kitchen cabinets and hello to rustic kitchen floating shelves where you can place not only your kitchenware, but also artwork and plants!

Bring on the Pattern

Do you have a bare wall that needs a little love? Wallpaper an accent wall in your kitchen to help bring in some pattern. These days there are so many stick-and-peel options to choose from that you can do all on your own. From floral to geometric shapes, tie in your whole kitchen theme with an easy update kitchen on budget wallpaper design.

Cabinet Hardware

Modernise kitchen cabinet hardware with a new style. Gold, matte black, or antique replicas can be found online and in stores. Check your local area for any home improvement and donation stores that sell cabinet hardware at a discounted rate.

Style Up Those Stools

Listen, it used to be a thing to match, but not anymore. Switch out your stools with an assortment of different styles, shapes, and colours. Don’t worry about it matching, the fact that they don’t is an upgrading kitchen trick that will set the tone for your eating area.

Don’t Forget The Island

While you’re at it, it’s not a bad idea to switch out your island, as well. A kitchen island is the meeting place for your family and friends. When you switch out your island with a unique piece that stands out (think antique or vintage) your guests will be sure to compliment your kitchen updates.

Add a Pop of Colour

Do you need some extra flavor in your kitchen? Try adding a pop of colour with new window treatments or a bright coloured tea pot on your kitchen stove. Something as simple as this can really change up a kitchen.

Your kitchen deserves a little attention, but you don’t have to spend all of your money in order to get a look you love. With these affordable kitchen updates that are sure to compete with other pricier renewed kitchens on your block, you’re all set to recreate the kitchen of your dreams!

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