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Resourceful Jewellery Storage Solutions


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

Resourceful Jewellery Storage Solutions

Keeping jewellery neat and accessible can be a challenge for even the most organised person. For every perfectly arranged jewellery box, there are at least 10 with a jumbled mess of necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and mismatched earrings. To sort your precious gems, try these cheap and easy storage ideas.

Silverware box

If your grandmother's wooden cutlery box is sitting empty in storage, odds are that the velvet-lined interior is in good enough shape to hold your jewellery. The velvet will slow silver jewellery from tarnishing, while the compartments will keep it in order, particularly necklaces, which can be held in place by the utensil dividers. Polish the exterior wood to a sheen and keep it on your chest of drawers as a showpiece.


Plastic pill bottles

Don't throw these out when they are empty; the tinted brown plastic is just trans parent enough to show the jewellery.


Pierced earring holder

Clip a skirt hanger onto the waistband of an old pair of pantihose to make an instant pierced earring holder. Just push the studs through the nylon and attach the backs. Hang from a wardrobe rail. You'll be able to see your collection all at once, keep pairs of earrings together and have immediate access.


Herb or spice jars

Re-use clean plastic or glass spice jars as jewellery holders. They are small, see-through and perfect for keeping pairs of earrings together and storing rings, brooches and chain-link bracelets. Keep them in a jewellery drawer or a suitcase when travelling.


Needlepoint canvas

Tiny squares of leftover needlepoint canvas are perfect for storing pierced earrings. Make them more secure by slipping the mesh into a plastic bag before storing them in your jewellery drawer.


Egg cartons and ice-cube trays

The compartments of egg cartons and ice-cube trays are just the right size for keeping jewellery separated, organised and visible. They are especially good for keeping pairs of earrings together. Line up side by side in a drawer.


Organise your fine chains with drinking straws

However neatly you lay chains in the jewellery box, you can guarantee they'll get in an impossible tangle with other items. Keep some drinking straws in your jewellery box and thread your fine chains through them when you put them away. The straw needs only to be half as long as the chain.

Top Tip: De-Tangle you Necklaces

If your jewellery box looks like a bowl of spaghetti, take a little time to untangle your necklaces. Lay the tangled mass on some newspaper. Sprinkle on a little talc to lubricate the chains and use two dressmaking pins to carefully ease any knots apart. Once they are all separated, wash the necklaces in a mild detergent, rinse and carefully pat dry.

Top tip: Leave it to the professionals

Repairs to watch mechanisms and to valuable jewellery are best left to the professionals, but it's worth attempting some simple fixes to less precious items to keep them looking their best.