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10 Great running shoes for better exercising

BY Joshua Joda

14th Apr 2023 Wellbeing

3 min read

10 Great running shoes for better exercising
Are you into exercising? Here are a few sport shoes that are perfect for running
If you’re active outdoors and love to run, then you already know the importance of having comfortable, convenient trainers for exercise, especially if it’s for extended periods. It’s important to feel at ease when you work out and the type of footwear you use can make quite a bit of difference for your experience—with the material and shape of the shoe also playing key factors.
So whether you’re jogging cross country, hitting the treadmill at the gym or just doing laps around your area, we have you covered with some standout options.

Nike Metcon 7

Nike Metcon 7
Understandably, Nike has a wide range of trainers for most occasions and they’re a great choice when it comes to activewear as well. The Metcon 7 is a medium width shoe with a rubber sole and a synthetic outer material, along with a few colour combinations to shake things up if you’re tired of black or white trainers.
All-in-all, they’re a solid choice for comfortable and durable footwear to use over long distances.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 2

Nike ZoomX flyknit 2
The ZoomX Flyknit 2 is a very lightweight trainer, it’s breathable with a mesh outer layer and an immediately noticeable raised, flat-heel design which can help with balance in running. The shoes are responsive and have a soft feel to them as well, which helps with long-term comfort.

Under Armour Assert 9

Under armour assert 9
Under Amour’s Assert 9 probably looks like what you’d expect when you imagine running shoes and for good reason. They’re lightweight and the outer layer is made from leather as opposed to a synthetic material, which is great for durability as well as stability during running.
Meanwhile, the rubber sole has a uniquely segmented design as opposed to being flat, which helps with traction and better floor grip during activities.

New Balance 680V6

New balance 680v6
In the fitness and footwear scene, New Balance is known for making light, comfortable and well-fitting shoes, and the 680v6 is no exception to the rule. It comes with a padded ankle for extra support and a cushioned insole for grip and comfort when running, making them a good and affordable option for a pair or regular running/exercise shoes.

Saucony Endorphin Speed

Saucony endorphin speed
With a mesh upper synthetic section for better support and breathability, as well as a form-fitting design, the Endorphin Speed is made to fit and to give support while you run. It’s a lightweight design with flat heels and a springy feel to it, they also come with a multi-coloured aesthetic to finish off the look.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 18

Mizuno wave inspire 18
The Wave Inspire 18 is a brilliant shoe for running, with a flexible rubber sole and an exterior made from polyester. It’s light, comfortable and a solid option for active sports exercises.
They also come in a variety of colour combinations for different tastes.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

Nike air zoom pegasus 39
The Zoom Pegasus 39 features a more tailored design, with a lace-up closure and no heel for a more raised profile that is an ergonomic fit to the foot.
The shoes also come with additional padding on the sides as well as Nike’s own flywire technology, designed to minimise weight and support the foot during activities.

Adidas SL 20.3

Adidas SL 20
Adidas’ SL20.3 shoes are a great pair for no-frills training, whether indoors or outside. They’re made from a light material with a mesh-layered exterior and designed for dynamic and fast movement, especially due to its flexible upper section.

Asics Gel Pulse 13

Asics gel pulse 13-3
With a durable upper section for flexibility in movement and a malleable rubber sole, the Gel Pulse 13 is a wise choice for regular running and exercise. The shoe is also designed with GEL technology, made to reduce the impact on the foot from running, reduce shock absorption and provide comfort in use. All-in-all, they are ideal for activities like long-distance running or hiking.

New Balance FuelCell Propel V3

Newbalance fuelcell propel
This pair of shoes make use of FuelCell foam in the material to help soften footfall during running, with a mesh upper layer for breathability and a lace-up finish. Also featured is a rubber sole and a flat heel, with a stylish design that can be worn out day-to-day, on top of being used for running.
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