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Meet the founder of viral haircare brand, Hair Syrup

Meet the founder of viral haircare brand, Hair Syrup
We talk to Lucie Macleod, the 23-year-old founder of Hair Syrup, about going viral on TikTok, developing her own business and her haircare routine
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand?
My name is Lucie Macleod. I'm 23 years old, a University of Warwick graduate and a business owner. Hair Syrup is an innovative brand that sells a range of pre-wash hair oil treatments to target a range of scalp and hair issues from itching, dryness and slow growth. 
Where did the inspiration for Hair Syrup come from? 
The brand started pretty much by accident! I had been using these oils on my own hair for a few years in an attempt to restore my then severely bleach damaged hair and they absolutely transformed it.
Lucie Macleod, founder of Hair Syrup
Lucie Macleod, founder of Hair Syrup
My own personal experience with them and the realisation that there was a gap in the UK market for this type of product was what inspired me to turn it into a business
How did you know where to start with the actual production of hair oils?
In terms of initial formulation—a lot of trial and error! I spent a lot of time looking into other brands' formulas and then looking into the benefits of individual ingredients.
"Production was pretty simple, as they were made only from natural, raw oils"
I knew I didn't want any silicones in them (as they were pre- not post-wash treatments) so production was pretty simple, as they were made only from natural, raw oils. 
What was it like to go viral?
It felt great! I took it as validation that I'd invented something that other people were genuinely interested in too, not just something I myself thought was good. 
How did you handle Hair Syrup’s transition from personal project into fully-fledged business?
The transition was pretty natural—it just grew gradually and luckily I was able to keep up with it. Expanding from the cottage industry into a warehouse was really hard and stressful, but necessary. 
What does a typical workday look like?
I honestly love coming into work everyday. I would struggle to have another 9-5 after this as the flexibility is amazing.
The Original hair syrup
I come into the office early most days and focus on product development with my manufacturers, branding, marketing, and contacting stockists. I also get to help the girls with packing orders some days which is so nice! I try to be a very hands-on boss
What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from starting your own business?
Be careful when taking advice and don't let other people talk you out of things. Since starting this business, I keep anyone who emits negativity at arms length. There were so many people around me at the time who mocked and discouraged me from starting the brand; had I listened to them, this never would have happened.
"Be careful when taking advice and don't let other people talk you out of things"
I believe with the right resources at hand, anything is possible if you believe in yourself. It’s so cliched but so true! If you have a business idea my best piece of advice is to just go for it—don’t tell anyone about it, just plan it out and give it a try. You should never be afraid of failure
What has been the hardest part of starting your own business? What has been your biggest achievement with the brand?
The hardest part has been projecting our expansion—knowing when the right time is to get a bigger premises, hire more staff and so on. It's really hard to know when to take that next leap of faith! 
My biggest achievement has to be the press attention the brand has gained. Some of the biggest UK publications have written about Hair Syrup, which makes me so proud! I'm also launching on ASOS next month which is massive! 
Where would you like to see your business in five years’ time?
My ultimate goal is to be stocked on high-street shelves—I have a few shops in mind!. So I'm trying to work towards this! 
What can you tell us about Hair Syrup’s newest product, G&T?
G&T is absolutely amazing—it might be one of the best products we've launched yet! It smells unbelievable and the concept is super cool. G&T is an obvious play on words, and stands for ginger and turmeric.
"The idea is that this is a super-shot but for your hair instead"
I wanted this syrup to mimick the popular "health shots" that are trending right now—the idea is that this is a super-shot but for your hair instead. It's great for tackling any sensitivity on the scalp and will leave your hair seriously soft and glossy. 
Can you talk us through your personal haircare routine? Which Hair Syrup is your go-to?
My haircare routine switches up a lot as I try so many different products out but here's a rundown: 
  1. Apply a hair syrup pre-wash (my current faves are G&T, Vitamin C Me and Mint Condition—but these change all the time!) 
  2. Massage the product into my scalp using a shampoo brush 
  3. After the syrup has been marinating for one to two hours, I wash it out using Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo—you need to ensure you're doubling cleansing with shampoo to get that thorough clean
  4. I then apply a deep conditioning mask—I love Briogeo's honey bear mask
  5. I finish with the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Conditioner
  6. To my freshly washed hair, I like to add Redken's Anti-Snap Treatment 
  7. Next, I use Loreal Professional Repair Oil as a serum 
  8. I use two different leave-in oils—Oribe Gold Lust and Sol De Janeiro's Hair Oil
  9. I dry my hair in a microfibre hair towel 
What’s your favourite Hair Syrup TikTok and why?
This one is a really great video as it shows the incredible before and after results some customers have experienced. 
Visit Hair Syrup's website here
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