The ultimate 2022 Christmas gift guide

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The ultimate 2022 Christmas gift guide
From beautiful coffee table books to quirky kitchen appliances, via smart tech gadgets—we've got you covered this Christmas 

For remote workers: Twelve South ParcSlope laptop stand, £49.99 

An invaluable gadget for those who spend a lot of their time working on their laptop or iPad, this sleek and compact metal wedge offers an all-round optimum viewing position, proper ventilation for your machine as well as the perfect angle for your keyboard to ensure comfortable typing.
It is easy to set up (as easy as just taking it out of the box and putting it on your desk), takes up virtually no space with its lean design, and is very much aesthetically pleasing—solid but light, stripped back but still elegant. With ParcSlope, you will enjoy better ergonomics that help to relieve shoulder and wrist pain, and optimal, comfortable height and angle for video calls.

Twelve South BookBook MacBook case, from £69.99

If you’re in the market for a new laptop case but are tired of the cheap plastic stuff that breaks after just a couple of weeks of buying it? It might be time to invest in something a bit more substantial—and unique! Mimicking the look and feel of a precious antique book, BookBook accessories will lend your Apple devices a romantically vintage air.
Made out of genuine leather, this case is not only durable (it’s been designed with a crush-resistant spine, offering protection while in cafes or on public transport) but smells amazing too, instantly transporting you to a magical, dusty old bookshop.
A perfect gift for any Apple devotee or simply someone who likes to keep their accessories (or home office) highly stylish. 

For fitness fans: Go Emu holdall dry bag, from £45

Durable, waterproof, sustainable and highly capacious, Go Emu’s handsome holdall bag will delight your practical and/or active friends or family members. With a variety of sizes and cheery colour schemes, it’s the perfect companion for gym trips, overnight stays, camping trips, festivals or weekends away. It’s deceptively compact on the outside but expands significantly once you start packing it—you’ll be surprised by how much you can cram in!
With double handles and a shoulder strap, they're flexible, easy to carry when riding or walking and popular across all ages too.

Impala Marawa Rose Gold Roller Skates, £120

Impala Marawa Rose Gold Roller Skates
Roll back into the 1970s with these eye-catching retro roller skates that will make you the talk of the park this Christmas. 
Impala’s iconic skates come highly regarded—Margot Robbie sported a pair in the new Barbie film! There is a variety of styles to choose from, but we went for this mesmerising rose gold collaboration with American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. The Marawa Rose Gold Roller Skates are vegan-friendly and fit like a dream, with padding that cushions your feet as you try out tricks you’ve seen on TikTok. 
With a holographic sheen, these skates are a perfect gift for anyone looking to unlock their inner roller girl and groove their way through the park with their disco tunes blasting.

Under Armour trainers, £68.97

If your old trainers are looking a bit knackered, it might be time to replace them with a pair of shiny new ones. And we have just the option for you.
Durable, lightweight but reliable, and, most importantly, completely affordable, Under Armour trainers tick all the essential boxes when it comes to sports footwear. Whether it’s running, training, golfing or playing basketball, you have numerous options to choose from, and you’re spoiled for choice with different designs and colour schemes.

We opted for the stylish retro pink/jet grey Synchronicity running shoes, and we were not disappointed. Offering great breathability, sturdy support around the ankle, and a cushy lining, they will make you feel like you’re running barefoot and help you forget what blisters are!

For passionate cooks: The Funky Appliance Company, from £79.99

Here's the perfect gift for someone quirky and fun who also loves to spend time in the kitchen. The Funky Appliance company was started by a fun-loving couple in 2016, when they realised that there was a gap in the marketplace for a stylish, retro/modern iron that is also highly functional, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Following the immense success of the Funky Iron, the pair introduced a Funky Kettle and Funky Toaster, and continue to make plans to funkify some mixers and microwaves in the future.
We’ve tried out the Funky Kettle and Toaster and now we can't imagine our kitchen without it! These unique-looking, round and shiny things will brighten up your morning and bring a bit of cheer and zing into your life, while also making the process of preparing breakfast in the morning quick and smooth.
The toaster in particular is quite spectacular, featuring four toast slots with independent control of both sides, an integrated removable crumb tray and anti-slip silicone feet. It also accommodates a range of different bread sizes (including a Warburton's slice of bread!).

Papier Herb Garden Recipe Journal, £31

If you have any home chefs in your life, this is the gift for them. A stunning journal for handwritten recipes, you can have their name inscribed on the front for a personal touch.
The gold foil on the front cover adds a touch of luxury, although there is a non-foil option if you’re on a tighter budget. Inside you’ll find an elegantly organised journal with sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats. 
Each recipe can be rated for taste and difficulty, and there is dedicated space for hints and tricks that anyone who likes to experiment in the kitchen will surely appreciate. The journal also comes with some handy extras, like a measurement conversion guide and a space to record your favourite restaurants. It’s a foodie’s dream!

De Longhi Dedica Arte manual espresso coffee maker, £249.99

Dedicated coffee lovers will of course already know that De Longhi is synonymous with great quality and prestige. Well, they have now updated their number one bestselling Dedica range—introducing the new and improved Dedica Arte.
It’s a uniquely stylish manual espresso machine that will ensure you’re drinking the most delicious, quality coffee imaginable. Boasting a simple design (just a few buttons to choose from, so you’re not scratching your head and trying to figure out what does what) convenient auto-shutoff function, and compact size, it’s especially handy for people with small kitchens, as it won’t take up your entire space.
You can also make deliciously creamy milk froth—though keep in mind that a metal milk jug is not included with the product.

For tech lovers: Google Pixel 6a, £399

Pixel 6a
The Google Pixel 6a is sleek and smart, with three colour options: Sage, Chalk and Charcoal. While not exactly small, it’s not bulky, either, and fits comfortably in your hand. Its best feature is its camera, with a 12.2 MP dual pixel wide camera and a night mode which allows you to capture crisp images in low light. It’s a fast, responsible phone with a vivid display and 128GB of storage—enough for all your favourite apps! 
The battery life can stretch past 24 hours, which is great for long days on the go (although heavy use will run the battery down faster). At £399, it doesn’t break the bank for a smartphone, making it a great gift for someone who loves tech. 

Excitrus 100W power bank, £86

Practical, handy and easy on the eye, the Excitrus power bank will be the perfect gift for someone who loves gadgets and is always on the go. It’s compact and will easily fit into any backpack or handbag (or even a big enough pocket!) but it’s also pretty powerful: it packs a 20,800mAh battery and put out a maximum of 100W of power through a USB-C port, meaning you can easily charge a USB-C laptop like a MacBook Air. You can also charge multiple devices simultaneously, using the various output ports.

But what we really love about this power bank is that it features magnetic wireless charging, so if you’re trying to navigate a map while driving, it doubles up as a pretty clever phone holder. Wrapped in eye-catching green fabric, and featuring a digital display showing you the battery capacity remaining, it’s an all-round fantastic gadget.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ True Wireless Headphones, £49.95

Small but mighty, Cambridge Audio’s bluetooth earphones are perfect for listening to music on the go. 
They have a battery life of up to 45 hours, and a charging time of only two hours, making them the perfect pick for someone with places to be. They are also sweat-resistant, so they’re just as suitable for blasting motivational tunes at the gym as they are for listening to podcasts on the commute to work. 
The sleek and subtle bullet shape means that these earphones don’t draw unwanted attention when you’re out and about. Offering hi-fi quality sound and push controls, they are a must for any tech-lover!

Marley One Drop Wireless Charger, £49.99

Wooden wireless charger - One Drop Marley Wireless Charger
A gift for techies and tidiers alike, this is the ideal one-stop charger if you own lots of gadgets with different charging ports. 
The Marley One Drop Wireless Charger is made with the eco-conscious tech consumer in mind, with a sustainable bamboo top and a non-slip silicone base. This also gives it a sleek, discreet design.
Roughly the size of a coaster, it can be plugged in and left on a kitchen countertop until you need it.
Compatible with iPhone up to 7.5W, Android up to 10W and TWS up to 5W, this will settle most arguments between Apple and Android users over spare sockets. And it’s very straightforward to use—just make sure it’s plugged in, rest your phone or wireless earbud case on the bamboo top, and leave it charging. 
A USB-C cable is included, though you’ll need to source your own USB plug adaptor.

For board gamers: Clipology, £24.99

Four friends play Clipology board game with questions streamed onto connected television screen
For the film buff in your life, Clipology is a brand new game that combines modern tech with the old school board game experience. 
It bears a small resemblance to Trivial Pursuit, with a round board that players must race their pieces around by answering questions about film and TV.
What sets this board game apart is its incorporation of streaming. Each game comes with a QR code, which you scan to pull up on-screen challenges on your device.
You’ll watch clips from a film or television show, then answer a question relevant to that clip.
The topics veer between old classics and more modern blockbusters, like Hunger Games or Green Mile, so it’s accessible both to cinema devotees and the more casual film fan. 
The Fortune category makes it possible to move around the board without answering any correct questions at all, making the game hilariously unpredictable. 
You can use just your phone for the streaming, though it is a little glitchy on smaller screens. For the optimal game experience, log in on larger devices.

For chocolate lovers: Chococo Oat M!lk Chocolate Christmas Hamper Bag, £45

Chococo Oat Milk Chocolate Hamper Bag
Treat a loved one to this delicious chocolate gift hamper! Chococo is a an artisan chocolatier based on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast inspired by a passion for both flavour and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Vegans will be especially excited by them, as they launch their new 43% oat milk chocolate made in Colombia with fine fino de aroma cocoa beans.
The Oat M!lk Chocolate Christmas Hamper Bag is totally vegan-friendly and full of delicious goodies. But it’s not just for vegans—dairy lovers will find it hard to believe that this rich, creamy chocolate is plant based! Contents include moreish chocolate buttons, an irresistible chocolate Santa and an indulgent chocolate bauble with more chocolate inside! 

For alcohol lovers: Maison Mirabeaux Limited Edition Petit Dry Rosé Gin, £65

Never mind the cold outside. This luxurious dry gin from Maison Mirabeau evokes long summer evenings in the garden—or, if you use your imagination, decadent days drifting down the French Riviera. 
The drink gets its distinctive pastel pink colour from Maison Mirabeau’s famous Provençal rosé wine, which it is infused with. 
Don’t be deceived by the sweet rosé’s presence though. This mixture creates an initially tart taste before settling into pleasing floral notes derived from Riviera botanicals, like rose de mai petals, lavender, jasmine and thyme. 
Wild botanicals growing on Maison Mirabeau’s wine estate near Saint Tropez inspired the infusion, which has been brewed to resemble a traditional London dry gin.
This delightful drink has won several awards, including Gold Medal Winner at the World Gin Awards. 
To sweeten the deal, Maison Mirabeau have also included a beautiful silk twilly with their limited edition petit bottle.

For book lovers: 100 Symbols That Changed the World by Colin Salter, £15.72

Dive into the fascinating history and evolution of symbols through this colourful compendium of bite-sized stories behind the world’s most recognisable signs. Discover the true origins of the Black Lives Matter movement’s clenched fist, how one of the oldest symbols of peace and harmony was turned into a mark of evil in the 20th century, and the story behind the beloved London Underground sign.
Tucked among the most iconic visuals, are also the stories of far lesser known languages, such as the so-called “hobo symbols”—the 1930s communication system of US migrant workers who travelled far and wide to do season work during the Great Depression. Using a system of drawn symbols that could be written on a gate or the back of a signpost, they informed each other if the owner of a property was wealthy and likely to give them money or chase them away with a gun.
A fascinating and informative volume with a far-ranging appeal, it’s bound to find a very broad readership.

Night Sky Almanac: A Stargazer’s Guide to 2023 by Storm Dunlop & Wil Tirion, £9.99

Night Sky Almanac A Stargazer's Guide 2023
Whether you’re a seasoned stargazer or just beginning your adventures with the night skies, this beautifully designed almanac will make an essential companion for the next year. 
The book begins with a thorough introduction to some of the bodies you’ll be looking for in the sky, before charting the different celestial events happening each month. You’ll know precisely when, for example, Mercury is most visible to you, or which month to start looking for the Perseid meteor shower. 
These events are interspersed with intriguing passages explaining astronomical phenomena, like what actually causes a moonrise or which mission first managed to photograph the surface of Pluto.
Each section is extremely readable, with detailed photographs, diagrams and charts adding a visual aid to your study of the cosmos. 
With input from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, this almanac has been designed specifically to be used in both the northern and southern hemispheres, so you can even take it with you on trips abroad. 

Revolution: The History of Turntable Design by Gideon Schwartz, £74.95

Revolution: The history of turntable design by Gideon Schwartz book cover
With vinyl sales reaching their highest point in three decades, now is a brilliant time to look back at the history of wax’s dearest companion—the turntable. 
Voyaging all the way back to 1857, when Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville invented the first phonoautograph, writer Gideon Schwartz gives a comprehensive but accessible glimpse of each chapter in the development of sound. 
The science of the human ear reveals itself with each new iteration of the turntable, as well as evolving trends in interior design and sound quality. 
How did we get from the baby pink 1959 Dansette to the smooth black futurism of Bergmann’s 2017 Galder turntable? When did the jukebox arrive? How did the first microphone revolutionise audio tech?
All these questions are answered and more, with crisp photographs and nostalgic poster reproductions to match.

Dancing in Time: The History of Moving and Shaking by Robert Hylton, £25

A beautifully designed hardback bursting with colour, this book will delight anyone with a passion for dance (regardless of whether they’re a mover or a watcher). Written by the international choreographer, teacher and performer Robert Hylton, the book explores dance in all its forms and genres, from the Tango to the Lindy Hop, offering an incisive, often humorous look at its history and social significance.
Also included are numerous vintage posters, old photographs, step diagrams and historical newspaper clippings revealing the true origins of popular dance styles that have, at one point or another, swept the public off their feet.

Ocean: Exploring the Marine World by Anne-Marie Melster, £44.95

Ocean: Exploring the marine world book cover
They say we know more about outer space than we do the deep sea, but generations of artists have nonetheless attempted to unveil the mysteries of the ocean through their craft. 
This stunning coffee table book documents all manner of art forms that have depicted marine life, from restorations of ancient Mayan paintings to Walt Disney’s cartoon The Little Mermaid and Netflix sensation My Octopus Teacher. 
The works are not presented in chronological order, which hammers home the diversity of artists that the sea has inspired.
Put together, it’s a loving picture of humanity’s relationship with our planet’s most mysterious environment, and shows how we have attempted to both explain and mythologise the creatures that live there. 
For the more studious reader, the back of the book contains a timeline that explains the evolution of the sea’s inhabitants and our understanding of it, making this perfect reading for artists, scientists and historians alike. 

For plant parents: Urban Botanist’s Plant Advent Calendar, £224.95

After receiving rave reviews last year, the Urban Botanist has reprised their advent calendar for green-thumbed gift givers. 
You’ll need to clear some space in the kitchen for this calendar. It comes in a big box large enough to contain several small succulents and cacti.
Other gifts you can reveal throughout December include a packet of edible flowers, plant-themed Christmas decorations, chocolates and a candle or two too.
The tradition of opening a flap each day to retrieve a treat inside still stands, but don’t worry—the box comes with several holes cut out from the back so the plants can still feed off that much needed sunlight. 
And, helpfully, each plant comes wrapped in tissue paper to prevent soil spillage while they are packed away.

For accessory addicts: Vendula Cheers Beer Barrel Bag, £100

For bags that turn heads, look no further than London’s iconic, award-winning brand, Vendula. Specialising in vegan luxury handbags and accessories, their products are unique works of art made with a ridiculous amount of attention to detail and boundless imagination. Their designs can be inspired by pretty much anything: Italian trattorias, gin bars, doggie spas, telephone boxes and much, much more.
We opted for the cheeky beer barrel bag, made out of printed and embossed vegan leather, featuring a classy chain and vegan leather shoulder strap, and luxuriously lined with fine cotton. It’s playful, completely original and surprisingly practical—a brolly, large wallet, makeup bag and even a small book can all fit comfortably within this little tank of a bag.
But don’t just take our word for it and go ahead and visit their website—just browsing their wonderfully weird product pages is pure joy.

Sandqvist, BERNT backpack, £145

Those already familiar with the cult Scandi brand Sandqvist, will know that it's synonymous with durability, sustainability and chic minimalist design. Founded in Stockholm in 2004 by three childhood friends, it meets the needs of people who want a bag that’ll be equally functional in the city and the forest. Sandqvist bags combine extremely useful features and stylish design with a clear focus on sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials.
One of our favourites is this elegant, multi-functional and spacious BERNT backpack. Made from 100 per cent recycled polyester and water-resistant, it also features a laptop compartment and can carry up to 25L. Perfect for a trip to the grocery store, an afternoon of working from a coffee shop or a lengthy weekend hike in the great outdoors.

Venu J gold copper turquoise ring, £80

For timeless, elegant jewellery pieces that’ll complement any look you can think of, it’s worth taking a look at the brand Venu J. Featuring beautifully crafted pieces made out of recycled gold and silver, you can choose between eye-catching necklaces, sleek earrings, understated bracelets and more.
We, however, opted for a chic gold copper ring embellished with a dazzling turquoise stone, which is said to encourage optimism, tranquillity and balance. Handcrafted in chic vermeil gold by talented artisans from Jaipur, India, this piece is ethically sourced and sustainable.
The perfect piece for someone with an elegant and down-to-earth style who still likes a bit of colour and sparkle.

Renné Jewellery Golden Jade Sweetie Bracelet, £70

This stunning bracelet made from jade makes a lovely gift for a jewellery-lover. The golden tones of the bracelet bring warmth to the winter months, and the neutral colours mean that the piece is perfect for stacking with other bracelets. It is made from natural material, meaning that the colour and markings can vary slightly from piece to piece. This makes it a unique and special gift for each individual. 
Renne Jewellery was cofounded by a mother/daughter duo and specialises in handmade jewellery. Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, which uses ethically sourced, 100 per cent recycled sterling silver and gold to create timeless pieces. 

For beauty aficionados: Revamp Progloss Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Hair Curler CL-2000, £59.99

For those who are fed up with burning their fingers and face with unwieldy curling wands, this rotating hair curler will come as a huge relief. Here, the hot, rotating ceramic barrel is protected by a plastic cover, so your skin is never directly in contact with the barrel, ensuring that your hair-styling sessions are burn-free.
The curler itself is very simple to use, quick to heat up and leaves you with beautiful, wavey locks that last all day. Featuring ultra-fast variable temperature control, from 150°C to 210°C for different hair types and textures. Simply select your styling temperature and the direction of rotation, and you're all set.
The ceramic plates and the barrel itself are infused with keratin, argan and coconut oils, giving your hair a glossy, healthy look.  

For animal lovers: Lily’s Kitchen Proper Food for Cats Advent Calendar, £12.00

Lily's Kitchen Christmas advent calendar for cats
Let your furry friend join in the fun this holiday by giving it its very own advent calendar. 
The Lily’s Kitchen advent calendar is crammed with two of cats’ favourite things—salmon and chicken snacks. Each has a crunchy shell—perfect for looking after kitty’s teeth—and a delicious soft centre. 
Lily’s Kitchen only uses fresh ingredients for its vet-approved pet treats, so you can guarantee that they’re still eating healthily even while they snack. The company’s emphasis on organic ingredients also means that they’re that little bit more environmentally friendly. 
These snacks are suitable for cats aged six months and up. 
There’s also an advent calendar for dogs, so all your pets can get in on the Christmas joy.

Stocking fillers: Benecos Men's Gift Set, £11.90

If you’re in a rush to find a last-minute gift for that special man in your life, this compact set of natural and organic skincare products for men is sure to do the trick. Presented in a beautiful cardboard box featuring the brand’s distinctively stylish logo, it contains a duo consisting of a three-in-one body wash for face, body and hair, as well as a two-in-one aftershave balm to moisturise and soothe the skin after shaving.
The products are deeply soothing and moisturising, leaving one’s skin feeling properly clean. They smell amazing, without irritating the skin too.
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