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90s Movie classics that deserve a comeback

BY Victoria Luxford

9th Jul 2020 Film & TV

90s Movie classics that deserve a comeback
Admit it, these classics are still some of the best films going
Recently it was announced that a fifth instalment of the Scream franchise would go into production. Its proposed 2021 release would mark 25 years since the first instalment, which brought a new self-referential tone to the horror genre.  
Bill and Ted are making a comeback sooner than that, with Bill and Ted Face The Music being the first appearance of the duo since 1991's Bogus Journey. Despite Hollywood's love for a remake, a number of 1990s classics have never had a follow-up on the big screen, becoming a time capsule of their era. What would it be like to catch up with those characters in the present day? Here are our picks of the 1990s landmarks that might be worth revisiting... 


You don't get more 1990s than Clueless, with Alicia Silverstone's Cher Horowitz becoming an instant icon with her yellow plaid ensemble and string of catchphrases. While the success of the film spawned a spin-off TV show, books, a musical, comics and a homage in an Iggy Azaelia music video, it never got a big screen sequel.  
We think it might be fun to see Cher, an early pioneer in fashion tech with her outfit-generating computer, now the head of a fashion label and continuing the philanthropy she began at the end of the original film. It could also see the return of love interest Paul Rudd, which may be jarring given that he doesn't seem to have aged since the 1990s!   

Se7en (1995) 

While the shocking ending to David Fincher's thriller was fairly conclusive, there have been attempts to produce a sequel. The 2015 film Solace with Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was, at one point, intended as a direct continuation.  
We still think it would be fascinating to catch up with Brad Pitt's Detective Mills, now actually close to the age that his partner, Detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) was in the first film. With Mills still shaken by the events of years ago, he finds a killer with methods similar to John Doe's, and recruits the now retired Somerset to help him. Hey, we'd watch it!   

The Big Lebowski (1998) 

How much would Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski have changed in the 22 years since he got caught up in that case of mistaken identity and blackmail? Probably not at all. That's the beauty of the character, he takes life as it comes, or as he famously said in the last scene in the movie, “The Dude Abides”.  
Fans would love to reconnect with the character, now elderly and still drifting around LA, possibly getting into new scrapes with Walter (John Goodman). The Dude popped up in a beer commercial, while his rival The Jesus got a spin-off movie this year, but we'd love to see a proper return.  

Wayne's World (1993) 

Joyously nerdy rockers Wayne and Garth found box office gold in the early 1990s with their awesome adventures. The plot centred around them as Cable Access TV stars, kind of the YouTube of its day, filming out of their basement and featuring odd guests.  
A third film, which has been discussed in the past to no avail, could find the now-middle-aged party dudes find a new rush of fame through a YouTube channel, with Garth's thick-rimmed glasses and flannel perhaps making him a hipster hero.   

Jerry Maguire (1996) 

Tom Cruise rode off into the sunset in the mid-1990s as a sports agent who chooses to do things the right way. Times may have changed but sport, and its agents, are still as popular as ever, and it would be interesting to find out how Jerry navigates the world of anthem protests, social media outbursts, and maintaining his relationships with his wife Dorothy (Renee Zellweger) and now-adult stepson (Jonathan Lipnicki). As for Cuba Gooding Jr's outspoken athlete Rod Tidwell? Perhaps he could be an energetic TV analyst, bringing his “show me the money!” catchphrase to millions.  

Home Alone (1990) 

There have been a number of sequels to this holiday hit, but only one with Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin)—1992's Lost In New York. It might be fun to catch up with the adult Kevin, which has already been done unofficially in a Google Christmas ad. However, what if Kevin was the one who lost his child?  
Yes, infamously modern technology would make most of the film's issues irrelevant today, but thrown in some physical obstacle (a blizzard maybe) that prevents the police from getting to the house in time, and you can have the same kid vs burglars face off we all love, perhaps with Kevin himself helping via the internet. Far-fetched? Absolutely. But it would certainly be entertaining.  

Groundhog Day (1993) 

Come on, this just writes itself, doesn't it? A repeat of the day that kept repeating? Perhaps, nearly 30 years on, Phil Connors (Bill Murray) has slipped back into his old selfish ways and needs a little reminder of what's important, having dismissed the events of the first film as a hallucination.  
This just happens to coincide with his long awaited return to Punxsutawney to reunite with a certain Groundhog. The sentiments surrounding the original movie are as pertinent today as they've ever been, and it's one of the few movies that innovations in technology wouldn't affect as the internet could reset at midnight along with everything else in the world.  

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