How to create seamless file sharing and retrieval means using QR codes?


2nd Dec 2021 Technology

How to create seamless file sharing and retrieval means using QR codes?

Since seamless file transfer and retrieval is highlighted by digitalization, saving and sharing the files diversifies and enables users to have more space to integrate.

And with their use, the barriers in saving and sharing files today improve and make the use of physical file saving tools like flash drives and hard drives obsolete.

As a way to revolutionize their means, various technological means are created and integrated by many users. This includes QR codes and other new specialized tools.

Since the corresponding technology to use as an online cloud storage service, QR code generator with logo and messaging platforms is available online; users can achieve the road for simplifying and creating a seamless way to share and retrieve files using these technological tools.

How can you seamlessly save and share your files offline and online?

Using various technological tools to save and share the files their colleagues seamlessly, family and friends need, here are some useful specialized tools on how you can seamlessly upload and share these files offline and online.

By means of online messaging platforms

With the file upload feature integrated by some popular online messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, and more, people who share work-related and personal files with their constituents find this feature helpful and easy to use.

But as easy it is to use and share to their target recipients, the amount of file size some messaging platforms only allow limits to 25MB, and its storage capacity only lasts for 30 days.

Because of the file upload and sharing feature, most messaging apps have, many users opt to integrate the second technological tool in sending files to their receivers.

Via file link sharing

Aside from uploading the files on messaging apps, other users choose to upload their files on the online file storing services like Google Drive, One Drive, and more to safely backup their files and use. From this means, they then obtain the sharing link of the file they uploaded and share them offline and online via messaging apps and QR codes.

Through the use of QR codes

As more people are trying out new means to relay information and data with each other during the COVID-19 pandemic, integrating QR codes has enabled them to modernize their file saving and sharing means. Along with their use, a PDF QR code is one of the most common QR code solutions that many users utilize and share online and offline.

And as QR codes provide an easier way for people to store and share files with just a scan from it, many users are placing these codes in print spaces like paper, books, posters, and digital platforms like social media for people to view and access the information or file it holds easily.

How to convert a file into a QR code?

With QR codes becoming one of the most sought-after technological means many tech-savvy users integrate to add to their personal and business use, implementing them in storing and sharing files becomes possible.

With its rapid increase of usage, many of them are now improving their file storing and sharing ways by following these simple file to QR code conversion steps.

1. Go to an online QR code generator website and make an account.

2. Select the category of the file you want to convert. (For digital files saved locally, choose the file category, and for files saved via online file hosting services, obtain the sharing link and select the URL category)

3. Generate your file QR code by choosing the dynamic QR code option.

4. Redesign and tailor your QR code design to your brand theme and run a scan test.

5. Download your file QR code and deploy them offline and online.


Now that digitalization has made it possible for people to save their files online and easily share them offline and online, various technological means have become essential in providing people with a seamless file-sharing experience.

And, as the demand for exchanging files between people online grows, QR codes have revolutionized their method of easily sharing them by simply providing their receivers with the scan and view option.

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