The best rosé wine for summertime

Rachel Walker 30 November -0001

The drift of spring into summer marks the start of rosé season, and its boom in popularity means that there’s more choice than ever. Here's our brief guide to the wines you should be drinking this summer. 

From blush pink Californian White Zinfandel to deep-flamingo Spanish rosé we now have more choice in pink wines than ever before.

Wine pairing is the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in regional flavour and enjoy a bottle of rosé from Provence. The south eastern region of France is known for producing rosé which is the palest ballet slipper shade of pink, and dry as a bone—sharing more characteristics of a crisp white than a full-bodied rosé.

Rosé accounts for 84% of wine production in the area, and it's little surprise when there's such a growing market for it. In 2001, Brits drunk £125,000 worth of Rose from Provence, but by last year, that figure had skyrocketed to £3.5 million.

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The popularity of rosé is no doubt down to its dry and delicate characteristics. Provençal-style rosé is the antithesis to the dark-pink, sweet, headache-inducing rosés of old. It's easy drinking, and easy to pair with food, standing up well to the big flavours of local dishes, which are laced with anchovies and olives, as well as the thyme, rosemary and fennel which make up the famous herbs de provence blend.

The booming demand means that there's more competition than ever, pushing standards up, and bringing great value to the marketplace.

Mirabeau is made by expat couple Stephan and Jeany Cronk who traded South London for the South of France, and have won accolades for their lean and elegant rosé. The Côtes de Provence Rosé in Aldi's Exquisite Collection is a great value option, licked with delicate strawberry notes. Meanwhile the Corent Côtes d'Auvergne is an exciting addition to The Wine Society range, and is the perfect pick for a refreshing glass to kick off a long summer evening.  

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