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50 Ways To Update Your Gym Kit

50 Ways To Update Your Gym Kit

With sustainability, practicality and budget in mind, here are 50 picks that might just get you sprinting to the checkout

If the new year brought you a new gym membership, chances are you’re well underway with it; slowly getting fitter, embracing the mental health benefits of movement, feeling the joy of routine and flexibility as it returns to your body after a long period of pandemic restrictions.

Even if this isn’t you, it’s never too late to start. While you don’t need any fancy equipment or a stylish outfit to get active, investing in some comfortable, qualities pieces to help you train can work wonders for motivation, increasing the frequency with which you reach for your gym bag.

With sustainability, practicality and budget in mind, here are 50 picks that might just get you sprinting to the checkout.


These ADIDAS leggings may appear simple, but they incorporate innovative ‘Flow Shield’ technology, helping you to feel more secure when training on your period


Trainers in need of a refresher? Pop in a boot banana deodoriser. When they need to be replaced, they’ll turn brown just like the real thing


Sport vests wash well and provide plenty of breathing room in a sweaty workout


Replace your old bath towel with one of Dock And Bay’s quick-dry sheets; compact, available in various colours and won’t make the rest of your kit soggy


Gym Shark’s mini back is just big enough for your essentials (£25)


A Sports Bra might seem a little pricey, but it’s recycled polyester and well-constructed support makes it worth every penny


Sold in a two-pack, the Go Travel Lock has a nice long loop that should fit any gym locker


Don’t fancy leaving the house to work out? Nintendo’s Ring Fit Game packs a surprising punch


With a full leg and chest, Silou’s swimsuit is perfect for aquarobics or serious swimmers (£148)


Stave off the drying effects of chlorine by applying UltraBeeHealth’s nourishing aqua block to your hair before you dive in (£14.95)


Nike’s SuperRep Go trainers score rave reviews with runners who wish to train circuits without being weighed down


Exercise should never be about punishment—remind yourself of your goals with a cute H&M sweatshirt (£19.99)


This handy waterproof pouch by Decathlon brand Nabaji is perfect for storing your bits and bobs by the pool


With adjustable straps, Marks & Spencer’s sports bra is perfect for those with larger breasts (£28)


Reebok’s gym mat is a cheap and cheerful way to personalise your yoga sessions


Speaking of yoga, warm up your feet for flexibility with orthopaedic balls


Though you will look cool, this trail jacket from Nike will keep you warm and dry while training outside


Brighten up your gym bag with this ADIDAS X Marimekko collaboration duffel bag, clad in trademark blooms


You can’t go far wrong with a speedo! Subtle stripes liven up a deeply practical, high-quality swimsuit


Silou Venus’s two-tone sports bra is stylish enough to be worn as a training top — and out for brunch afterwards (£69)


Sweaty Betty’s simple long sleeve is hugely versatile, and won’t show sweat


Take a litre to the treadmill with Nalgene’s screw top bottle, designed for easy sipping


Although Yorkshire brand Roam focus on nappies, their stylish water-resistant bags are also perfect for transporting damp kit home


Go hands free with Apple’s Airpod Pro’s, promising brilliant sound with minimal intrusion


Feeling dry or gritty around the eyes after a swim? A quick spritz of Peep Club’s instant eye spray should help to moisturise the area


Myga Dumbbells are a great addition to any home gym, available in an array of colours and weights


Keep an eye on your goals with Amazfit’s water resistant smart tracker


The strappy structure of Koral’s bra offers light, comfy support to those easing into gentler activities


Brooke’s trail running shoes are specifically designed to make light work of uneven terrain (£120)


A colourful update on your usual kit, P.E. Nation’s sports bra feels perfect for a high-energy spin class (£90)


Year Of Ours Groovy shorts would be great for a zen Pilates class, or teamed with an oversized sweatshirt for stretches (£80)


Invest in The Laundress’s specialist detergent; touch on stains and smells without compromising colour and stretch (£19)


Outdoor Voices sports skirt is flattering for outdoor sports, with handy pockets in the shorts underneath


Keep your yoga mat and all its accessories in one place with a Lulu Lemon bag


YogaMatters make all of their yoga blocks from waste fibres, resulting in a fun, terrazzo-style finish


Flip-flop by Crocs are crafted in one mould, making them comfortable to wear (and dry) in and out of the pool


Colourful Standard Hoodies are deceptively warm and roomy, perfect to change into after a workout


Studio Socks by Pointe Studio will help you to get a better grip on yoga, pilates or barre classes (£12)


Nimble Activewear leggings pockets are so efficiently designed that you will barely notice them as you run


A discreet running belt from Asics is just big enough to keep your keys, hand sanitiser and any other essentials



Also from Asics, the Jolt 3 is a great entry level shoe for those looking to try the gym for the first time


Keep your membership card handy with a Cath Kidston lanyard


Weightlift safely and securely with some Nike gloves, helping to support the wrist


Kinetica’s shaker bottle has a bult in agitator, making sure that your protein shakes are well blended (£14.99)


Whether you’re an Arsenal fan or not, you can’t deny the training style of their new TFL-themed kit (£55)


Tame flyaway fringes with a set of slim Nike headbands


Treat yourself in the changing room with an after-shower slick of Drunk Elephant’s Deodorant Cream; great for soothing any chafing discomfort (£13)


Tangle Teezer’s wet detangler works wonders on sweaty or swim-soaked locks; just add your favourite conditioner and brush through for a deep clean


The Errant Pack by Boundary Supply is big enough to hold your laptop and shoes in separate compartments, perfect for after-work gym trips (£205)


Ditch the distraction of phone notifications and go old school with a Sony MP3 player. This model has space for 2000 songs

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