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Bucket list travel experiences to enrich your body and soul

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Bucket list travel experiences to enrich your body and soul
Enrichment travel is a tonic for the mind and body, allowing you to nourish yourself as you absorb other cultures. Here are nine travel experiences to try
The Elegant Resorts Luxury Travel Trends Report for 2024 suggests that engaging in "enrichment travel" can profoundly impact personal growth and wellbeing by immersing oneself in new cultures, environments and experiences.
From practising yoga under the stars to experiencing life as a monk, explore transformative travel opportunities to rejuvenate body and soul.

For the body

Yoga and stargazing in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Located 6,600 ft above sea level, the captivating Nambin Yoga retreat is nestled in the mountain town of San Pedro de Atacama in Northeast Chile, where it invites guests to experience a seven-day sanctuary of serenity including nocturnal yoga sessions under the sparkling heavens, enlightening stargazing tours, and thoughtfully crafted vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
Those looking to delve deeper into Chile's breath-taking natural landscapes can take guided excursions through the renowned Atacama Desert, offering an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect with both oneself and the universe. 

Rejuvenating natural hot springs in Nevada

Nevada hot spring
Nevada has more hot springs than any other state in the country, with more than 300 occurring naturally. 
For an authentic wilderness experience, venture to Fish Lake Valley, where bathers can soak amidst breathtaking views of the rugged mountains in Boundary Peak and indulge in some dark sky stargazing.
"Bathers can soak amidst breathtaking views of the rugged mountains in Boundary Peak"
Alternatively, rejuvenate the body and mind at Steamboat Hot Springs healing centre and spa, renowned for its geothermal mineral water rich in calcium carbonate, magnesium, sodium sulphate, and carbon dioxide.
Here, visitors can also benefit from expert consultations and a diverse range of wellness practices, including Ayurveda (a historical practice native to India) and Sonatherapy, a unique self-healing therapy using light, sound, colour and water.

Finding serenity at The Ashram in California

Situated amidst the picturesque Santa Monica mountains, The Ashram celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, marking half a century of serenity and vitality since opening in 1974.
Delve into a transformative wellness journey with the resort's immersive seven-day program, where guests embark on a journey of self-discovery.
Engage in physical challenges including a 70-mile hiking adventure, diverse fitness classes, and rejuvenating restorative yoga sessions. At sundown, evening lectures are available focusing on breath work and mindful meditation.
The program is meticulously crafted to leave guests with a toned body, a purified mind, and a soaring spirit, embodying the essence of holistic wellness. 

Reboot at Miraval Arizona in Tucson

Sat within the Sonoran Desert, Miraval offers immersive, technology-free retreats tailored to each guest's individual needs for a truly bespoke wellness journey.
With innovative programs, luxurious spa treatments, and expert practitioners, Miraval empowers guests to design personalised itineraries aligned with their wellness intentions.
From equine therapy for healing grief to hands-on experiences like beekeeping and farm work fostering a deeper connection with nature, the resort offers a diverse range of activities.
Additionally, guests can partake in adventure pursuits for fitness, weight loss, and skill enhancement, complementing traditional offerings such as personalised fitness sessions, meditative hikes and nutritional guidance.

Yoga with a view at Aspen Shakti

rocky mountains and skyline
From June to September the seasoned team at Aspen Shakti hosts invigorating open-air Hatha yoga sessions on a picturesque deck, offering something for practitioners of all levels.
Against the backdrop of majestic Rocky Mountains, adorned with vibrant wildflowers and seemingly endless blue skies, each session promises a rejuvenating start to the day like no other.
"Aspen Shakti hosts invigorating open-air Hatha yoga sessions on a picturesque deck"
For those seeking an extra challenge, consider embarking on a one-and-a-half-hour hike following the gondola ride to reach the summit of Aspen Mountain.
Priced at approximately £15 per class, sessions are held from Monday to Friday at 10:30am, with a portion of proceeds dedicated to supporting the Caring for Community Fund mental health program.

For the soul

A day in the life of a monk in Japan

Get familiar with the ancient customs of Japanese monastic life at Shoureki-ji Temple, where travellers can immerse themselves in a day of cultural and spiritual exploration.
Situated amidst the mountains near Ayabe (north of Kyoto) this temple stay offers a rare glimpse into the city’s profound heritage.
Limited to a group of up to six people at a time, guests are afforded an intimate and immersive experience. From savouring traditional temple meals known as Shojin Ryori to participating in morning prayers, every aspect of the day is steeped in tradition and tranquillity.
The temple also serves as an ideal base for enjoying additional local activities of the region, such as paper making at the Kurotani Washi Centre

Experience the world's oldest living culture in New South Wales

Head out on a cultural journey with Girri Girra, a fully Aboriginal-owned enterprise located on the NSW Central Coast. Engage in scenic walking tours that offer a reconnection with nature while delving into the rich tapestry of Australia's oldest living culture.
"Guests can experience sunset smoking ceremonies"
Offering an overnight bush camp within the serene surroundings of Ourimbah State Forest, guests can experience sunset smoking ceremonies, Indigenous dances and captivating storytelling under the stars.
There are also a host of ancient customs on offer such as ochre body painting and guided bush walks for an authentic Aboriginal experience that unveils the depth of indigenous traditions.

Revitalise coral reefs in The Islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia

moorea coral reef and island
Set on Moorea, the Coral Gardeners offer travellers an effortless way to give back through their Adopt a Coral initiative. This program enables guests to adopt, personalise, track, and plant a coral in the nurseries scattered across the atoll.
Coral reefs, often referred to as the ocean's lungs, are facing threats from pollution and climate change. Adopting a coral provides a tangible means of contributing to conservation efforts, as coral reefs play crucial roles in regulating global climate, safeguarding coastlines from storms, and providing habitats for approximately 25 per cent of marine life.
Upon adoption, owners receive a certificate featuring a photo and the GPS coordinates of their planted coral, fostering a deeper connection to their conservation impact. 

Ride your first rodeo in Colorado

horses in pen at C Lazy U Ranch, Colorado
Known as the Centennial State, Colorado boasts a rich Western heritage and enduring cowboy culture, cherished to this day. For travellers seeking an authentic Colorado adventure, C Lazy U Ranch beckons.
With over a century of history, this luxurious dude ranch offers a refined yet genuine Western experience. As an all-inclusive resort, it features top-tier cabins, a plethora of outdoor activities, daily horseback rides, and exceptional cuisine.
Embedded among picturesque log cabins along Willow Creek and surrounded by pristine wilderness, the on-site spa provides unparalleled views of the Continental Divide mountain range, allowing guests to unwind in serene tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 
Banner credit: , CC BY-NC 2.0, via Flickr
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