5 Incomparable podcast series for personal growth

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1st Mar 2023 Podcast

5 Incomparable podcast series for personal growth
According to Statista, the number of podcast listeners has considerably increased in the past years and is expected to keep growing to 504.9 million internet users in 2024. Of course, the pandemic contributed to this rise since people had to find something to keep them sane and entertained at the same time.
Most people listen to podcasts to learn something new since it’s an easy way to grasp information, while others listen to podcasts as a form of entertainment or simply to relax.
Given that most people want to learn something from a podcast program, we can say that it can help with personal growth, depending on what you want to change about yourself. So, if you wish to feel happier, cook better or just learn random things, here are some of the most exciting podcast series that can help you through your learning journey.

Ten percent happier

Ten Percent Happier was created after Dan Harris, a journalist, had a panic attack on live national television. This occurrence led him to try meditation to heal. During this journey, he wrote the book “10% Happier”, which talks about the stages of his development and what worked for him. After the book became a best-seller, Dan Harris created the podcast with the same name, inviting special guests, such as meditation teachers, scientists and celebrities, to talk about personal development.
The book's author believes that you can train yourself to be happy, and you should expect progress to come slowly, but it’s considerable after some time. The podcast currently has over 700 episodes, each with different time lengths. Still, you can learn everything from meditation practices in six minutes to reincarnation in 30 minutes, so his content is perfectly structured for any type of listener.
If you want more than that, you can also find their app, "Ten Percent Happier Meditation" in the App Store and Google Play, where you can try a guided meditation class. Or, you could check out other podcasts made by Ten Percent Happier, such as:
  • More than a feeling, with Saleem Reshamwala;
  • Childproof, with Yasmeen Khan;
  • Twenty Percent Happier, with Matthew Hepburn;
  • Teacher Talks with Jay Michaelson;

Delicious ways to feel better

Ella Woodward is known as a writer and businesswoman who owns the blog “Deliciously Ella”, one of the most famous blogs in the culinary industry. In 2018, Ella started a podcast called “Delicious ways to feel better” in which she approaches a sensitive subject about our relationship with food. What you can learn from her podcast series includes the following:
  • How to handle your caffeine addiction;
  • How to reduce cravings at night;
  • Diet advice;
  • Anything about gut health;
And so much more! More than 100 episodes are waiting for you, and the average length of an episode is about one hour, so it’s the perfect amount if you commute to work or school daily. This podcast can help you fix your negative food experiences with positive ones, which can result in enjoying all types of food in moderation and respecting your body’s natural hunger cues.

Everything is personal

If you’re interested in the cannabis industry or want to try it for the first time, you can check out Seedsman or listen to the “Everything is personal” podcast. The host, Len May, has a Master’s degree in the industry. At the same time, he owns businesses that focus on personalizing CBD and THC products.
Len May believes that you can find out what kind of cannabis is best for your health after doing a DNA test. Since he’s specialized in human genetics and cannabis, he explores the possibilities in which people use cannabis properly and get the best health results from it. He also believes in the personalization of cannabis consumption, which is something not enough people talk about.
On his podcast, you can listen about anything from cannabis retail, how the plants have improved health and people’s life quality and how to choose the suitable strains to grow from cannabis seeds. At the same time, he also approaches business-oriented subjects and even music sometimes, so it’s the perfect combination between knowledge and entertainment.

Power hour

Sometimes, it’s challenging to see our true value within ourselves when we feel guilty for getting things we don’t deserve, which stops us from improving. If you’ve been down lately or have been suffering from impostor syndrome, you may want to check out this podcast. Power Hour was created by Adrienne Herbert, a digital entrepreneur and wellness professional. She has made more than 250 episodes in which she talks about motivation, trends, career paths and anything about self-improvement.
A new episode airs every week and usually lasts for an hour, so it’s a perfect podcast for when you need a little bit of a boost to keep going. Adrienne Herbert also invites professionals to her podcasts to discuss important matters, such as Benjamin Hardy, Oliver Patrick or Lina Neilsen. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Routines and ruts

Keeping a routine can help you lower stress levels, take better care of your health and be more productive. But sometimes, keeping your habits in place when life is putting you down is not that easy. If you, too, have been stuck in a loop recently and want to make a change, “Routines and Ruts” can help you make a significant change in your life. The podcast is produced by Madeleine Dore, a writer and interviewer who likes to explore how we can spend our days in a balanced way that includes both productivity, relaxation and entertainment.
Some of her approach subjects include being inconsistent, practicing saying no and allowing yourself to be distracted. She also has some interesting guests, such as Pandora Skyes, with whom she discusses finding a good enough life or Sarah Wilson, on the importance of showing up.

Final thoughts

Listening to a podcast can teach you many things but also help you relax after a long day at work. However, the soothing voices of the hosts and the engaging subjects will make you become interested in personal growth and development, which is essential for you to have a better life.
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