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What clothes to wear according to your style personality

BY James Justice

13th Apr 2024 Fashion & Beauty

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What clothes to wear according to your style personality
Rejecting fashion's fads in favour of your own personal style will help you save money and be more sustainable. Here's how to work out your style personality
Do you feel like your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, but nothing seems to go together, and you have nothing to wear? It might be time to work out what your style personality is.
Your style personality goes beyond trends, but you can use it to work out how to adapt current trends to fit you—rather than the other way around, which sees you buying on-trend items and only wearing them a couple of times because they’re not quite right.
After all, fashions fade, style is eternal.
James Justice, an expert at Altory, reveals seven common style personalities, how to interpret them, and how to work out what yours is. 

The Classic 

woman showing the classic style personality with cream blouse and beige trousers
Elegant, sophisticated, timeless; think Audrey Hepburn, Parisian chic, and quiet luxury.
The classic is all about high quality, with perfect tailored silhouettes, crisp lines, and a neutral colour palette. They have a considered, capsule wardrobe of well-made key pieces that will last an eternity and never go out of style. 

The Soft Natural

woman showing the soft natural style personality with loose green shirt and brown comfortable trousers
Effortlessly cool vibes, where comfort is key—the soft natural prefers relaxed silhouettes the prioritise comfort and movement.
Breathable, natural, and sustainable fabrics like cotton and linen, in earthy tones like greens, browns, and creams; the sort of thing you can wear to the beach and in the garden, but in a put-together way. 

The Dramatic

woman showing dramatic personality style with pink layered chiffon dress
You like to be centre of attention, and your clothes can get you there. This style thrives on theatrics; bold silhouettes, flowing luxurious fabrics, oversized items and statement pieces.
Whether you prefer bright, attention grabbing colours or something more monochromatic, the dramatic style is sure to turn heads. 

The Relaxed

woman showing the relaxed style personality with camo joggers and yellow beanie
If you prefer something a little more casual, and a little lower maintenance, the relaxed style is for you. Athleisure isn't just for working out; the relaxed style combines activewear and streetwear for a comfort without sacrificing style.
Comfy staples like leggings, hoodies and anything oversized, but elevated for a chic look that can effortlessly go from the gym to brunch.

The Creative

woman showing creative style personality with boho floral and crochet top and large jewellery
Maximalist and eclectic for a boho, free spirit vibe. Pattern clashing, mixing fabrics and textures, with layers of inspiration from a variety of aesthetics makes the creative vibe perfect for someone who wants to stand out.
Experiment with vintage items, unexpected combinations and novelty accessories for a look that combines all of your favourite aesthetics, rather than feeling like you have to stick to just one.

The Romantic

woman showing the romantic style with floral pastel midi dress
The romantic style is soft and whimsical, with delicate fabrics, florals and pastel tones. It creates a dreamy, ethereal look, with vintage influences in the choice of fabrics, accessories and hair and makeup style.
From delicate pink florals to something more bohemian, the romantic style is all about embracing femininity. 

The Edgy

woman wears the edgy style with leather jacket, big chunky boots and lace dress
Quite the opposite to the romantic, the edgy is often quite androgynous, and prefers leather jackets and denim over being delicate—but that doesn’t mean you have to only wear black head to toe.
This style is great at juxtaposition, like putting an oversized studded leather jacket over a floral dress. Layering plays a big role in this style, combined with carefully chosen statement accessories, like multiple chunky rings that go with everything.

How do I work out my style personality?

Go through you wardrobe and pick out the items you feel the most confident in. Do you actually feel good in that dress you only wore once? Or do you feel the most "you" in the jacket you found in a vintage shop?
Start by saying goodbye to things you don't feel good in and make a mental note to avoid similar things in the future.
Think about your style icons. From actors, to musicians and even Instagram influencers—is there a common theme in the way they dress that you're drawn to?
"You might be surprised by what looks good on you"
Observe people on the street and how they express their style and see what elements of your favourite looks resonate the most with you. 
Don't be afraid to experiment. Step outside your comfort zone and try some looks you wouldn't normally consider—you might be surprised by what looks good on you and how you feel wearing it.
Remember you don’t have to stick to one look. Fashion is all about taking influence from different places and aesthetics, and your interpretation of a style can be entirely different to someone else’s.
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