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How to keep your wardrobe organised

How to keep your wardrobe organised

Start 2019 with a resolution that you'll actually keep; maintaining a wardrobe full of items you truly want

I've made enough trips around the sun to not buy into the "New Year, New You" business. I don't really want a new me, I'd just like a slightly more organised and mindful version of who I am the rest of the year. This especially applies to my closet.

William Morris famously said, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Nowhere is this more appropriate than in your closet. Take a hard look at everything you have in there; if it brings you joy and you believe it is beautiful, keep it. If it is useful, like a chunky warm wear-with-everything cardigan that has pockets, keep it. If it does not fall into either category, donate it. Do not be seduced by the standard closet cleansing categories of keep, maybe, mend, and donate. Be ruthless. Every item is either beautiful, useful, or a no.

For years, I had a wardrobe packed with things in neither category; I allowed far too much to sneak in under the guise of "maybe useful" which is my brain's way of justifying and renaming a past bad decision. Excess clothes took up space in my closet that was far better used as breathing room for my truly useful and beautiful things. If you can't see it, you don't wear it. For instance, in my last wardrobe purge, I ran across some beautiful winter scarves that I didn't wear last year because I couldn't see or find them in my stash. Or, sometimes I pull out a shirt or coat to wear which is so full of creases from being crammed in my closet that I simply put it back and wear something else that doesn't need an iron to revive it.


After my now-annual new year purge, everything is organised and has room to breathe. It's almost like having new clothes, but I actually have less! In the spirit of making my wardrobe a happier place, I looked back over the things that I bought last year and tried to narrow it down to one item that fits the William Morris rule perfectly. It would have to be this Helen Moore rainbow bucket bag. It's a joyful statement accessory that lifts every outfit.

I wish you a 2019 full of beautiful and useful additions to your wardrobe!