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Transitional trend pieces you already own

Transitional trend pieces you already own
Put down the credit card and shop your own wardrobe this season—Jenessa Williams shows us how to indulge in this season's key trends with some classic staples.
For those who cannot afford to indulge in a new wardrobe every season, staying on top of fashion trends can feel overwhelming. With so many new patterns, cuts and prints to tempt us, it’s often easy to forget that what we really need is already hiding in our closets.
By adding just a few essentials or restyling what we already own, the thrill of a new look can be achieved on a budget. Here's how:

Fancy footwear

If last summer was all about espadrilles and the statement trainer, then 2017 has seen a full 90s revival in terms of our footwear.
Dig deep in the back of your wardrobe and you’ll find that you probably already have one of the season’s key styles—the kitten heel or the mule.
Paired with jeans or smart trousers, a bright shoe will instantly smarten an outfit and add an element of personality, not to mention the comfort of a low heel.

Eastern florals

Florals for spring? Not exactly groundbreaking, but there is a fresh new way to wear them. For 2017, ditsy patterns are out and Eastern-inspired prints and cuts are thoroughly in—the sort that were all the rage in the early 2000’s. Cherry blossom, rich silks and opulent colours are all the order of the day.
If the sun hasn’t quite got it’s hat on, opt for accessories or pair dresses and trousers with a plain jumper or trench coat and tights —that print will still stand out all on its own.

Breton stripes

One staple piece that will never go out of fashion, the humble Breton top is an essential transitional piece. Best of all, most of us already own several.
Perfect with a pencil skirt and blazer for the office or dressed down with jeans at a weekend, try moving away from black and white stripes and try out a colour—a green or red stripe peeking out from a coat can add a lovely pop of spring to an otherwise muted outfit.

Diverse denim

There are more options than ever on the high street when it comes to denim—there truly is a fit for everyone.
For the first time in years, skinny jeans appear to have fallen out of favour, with straight and kick flare cuts offering a more versatile and often more flattering alternative.
If jeans aren’t cutting it, then dungarees, pinafore dresses and midi skirts are all great denim layering options that will keep you warm. Experiment with shapes and washes to find the tone that works best for you.

Statement sweatshirts

Layers are instrumental in a well-planned transitional wardrobe, and an old faithful sweater can be the perfect thing to keep to hand when the weather can’t seem to make it’s mind up.
To spruce up your knitwear for the new season, slogans and colour blocking are both key trends—borrow that family members University sweater or try out some basic embroidery to customise your own.
Choose your statements wisely to keep things age-appropriate, or let a flowing pattern do the talking. AndOtherStories and Anthropologie are our favourites for fun colours and high-quality thread counts. 
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