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How to secretly measure your partner's ring finger for a surprise engagement

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How to secretly measure your partner's ring finger for a surprise engagement
Planning to propose to your partner? Then you'll need the perfect ring! If you want to surprise your significant other, here are a few ways you can measure their ring finger without them realising
Proposing to your significant other is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. One crucial aspect that adds to the charm of the proposal is choosing the perfect engagement ring. However, determining the correct ring size without giving away your intentions can be a challenging task! Fear not, as we present a sneaky guide on how to measure your partner's finger for an engagement ring without them suspecting a thing.

Borrow a ring

One of the most subtle ways to measure your partner's ring size is to borrow one of their existing rings. Make sure to select a ring they wear on the ring finger of the hand you plan to propose on. Choose a ring that you've observed them wearing recently, ensuring it's not a piece they reserve for special occasions. 
"One of the most subtle ways to measure your partner's ring size is to borrow one of their existing rings"
Aimee Howlett, jewellery expert at Diamonds Factory, says, "If they already wear a ring on the finger in question, this is the perfect opportunity to secretly measure it. All you need to do is quickly borrow a ring while they’re distracted and using a pencil and paper, trace one circle on the inside (diameter) of the ring and another circle on the outside (circumference) of the ring. Do it a few times if time allows (and try with other rings) to double check that your measurements are correct."

Seek help from friends or family

Enlist the assistance of close friends or family members who may have insider knowledge about your partner's ring size. They can discreetly engage in a casual conversation or take your partner shopping, subtly trying on rings for fun. A trusted confidant can provide valuable information without arousing suspicion.
Jewellery shop
"Asking your partner’s parents, or their best friends may help you gain insight to the exact size," says Howlett. "Get their friends and family to casually try on some inexpensive rings in order to get a rough idea of what the ring size might be. Combining this approach with a measuring table means you’ll have a much better chance of getting the ring size correct. Someone close to your partner may already know their ring size or could even try and subtly ask them on your behalf."

Utilize a ring sizer app

Modern technology offers convenient solutions for discreetly measuring ring sizes. Numerous smartphone apps allow users to measure their ring size accurately by placing a ring on the screen. Encourage your partner to use the app casually, or suggest it as a fun activity to determine each other's ring sizes.

Measure their finger while they're asleep

"One of the easiest ways to measure your partner's ring size is to do this while they are sleeping," Howlett says. "Although this sounds tricky, it is worth a try to find the most accurate ring size. You can measure your partner's finger using a piece of string while they are asleep. Simply wrap the string around the ring finger and tie a knot, ensuring it is not too tight to ensure space for movement. Then using the string, measure it against a ring size guide or take it into the jewellers."
"Measure your partner's finger using a piece of string while they are asleep"
However, Howlett notes that it is important to consider when you are taking their measurements. "Take into account the time of day when determining ring size," she says. "Variations in temperature play a role, with warm conditions causing the skin to expand, while colder temperatures can result in shrinkage. Keep these factors in mind before taking measurements to ensure accuracy."

Engage in a conversation

Subtly incorporate ring size discussions into casual conversations. You can discuss friends' engagements or celebrities' rings, expressing interest in the topic. Gauge your partner's reactions and opinions to gather subtle hints about their ring size preferences.
You could even allude to plans for a proposal in the future to bring up the topic of ring measurements. It's always good to have a conversation about marriage before proposing anyway to ensure all parties are on the same page about how or even if they want a proposal at all. This won't take all the fun out of a surprise proposal, as you can still keep the details of how and when under wraps.
Picking out the perfect engagement ring is an important step in the journey toward marriage. These discreet methods to measure your partner's ring finger will help you keep the element of surprise intact!
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