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Top lab-grown engagement ring designs for 2023

Top lab-grown engagement ring designs for 2023

Identical to earth-mined diamonds in every way, lab-grown diamonds are seeing a huge rise in popularity, and make for the perfect engagement ring

Up until just a few years ago, lab-grown diamonds didn’t rank on many brides-to-be’s wish lists, but with their recent explosion in popularity, requests for lab-grown diamond engagement rings from engaged couples now make up a large share of the engagement ring market.  

Retailers from around the globe are jumping on the lab-grown diamond engagement ring trend with expanded design options for every shape of diamond. This round-up of the top engagement ring designs for 2023 feature lab-grown diamond centre stones and runs the gamut from the most popular shape of diamond (round) to everything in between—cushion, princess, oval and more!  

Future grooms take note: this list of the top lab-grown diamond engagement rings is bound to have something on it that will catch your bride-to-be’s eyes!  

Round centre stone

The most popular design, this means there's plenty of options to choose from

The most popular shape of diamond for either lab-grown or natural diamonds is the round cut and retailers know it! This is why there are so many options for ring designs that have a round centre diamond to choose from, but we settled on this gorgeous ring from Keyzar Jewelry

It’s a great choice of engagement ring because not only does it boast a 1.03 carat F colour VS2 clarity centre stone, this ring has six pavé set accent diamonds on the shank and four hidden diamonds around the head. But all this elegant detailing doesn’t detract from the star of the show: the centre diamond!    

Cushion-shaped centre stone

This ring features an elongated cushion cut, rarely seen in diamond rings

What we love about this cushion-cut engagement ring from TH Baker is that the centre diamond is an elongated cushion cut, a rarity in both natural and lab-grown cushion cut diamonds!  

In addition to featuring a 1.35 carat elongated cushion cut centre stone, this elegant ring features diamond pave on the shank. A matching diamond halo completes the look for this stunner which can be made in any shade of metal.   

Oval-shaped centre stone

Another popular design, the oval cut gives is understated yet classic

One of the most-requested shapes of diamonds is the beautiful oval cut. This hand-crafted lab grown diamond engagement ring from Bario Neal not only features a 2.19 carat lab grown oval diamond, but it’s set in a low-profile ring made from reclaimed 18 karat yellow gold with a matte finish.  

"A bold east-west setting completes the look for an engagement ring that breaks the mould"

A bold east-west setting completes the look for an engagement ring that breaks the mould and is a must for any bride looking to stand out!   

Radiant-shaped centre stone

This radiant-cut diamond ring can be made in any colour metal

One shape that has become increasingly popular with brides is the radiant cut diamond, and this lab-grown radiant cut engagement ring from Plum Diamonds takes two bridal classics (a diamond halo and diamond pave) and marries them together in a seamless look.  

With optional head-on-shank or cathedral-style profiles, this engagement ring can be made in any colour metal– even two-tone gold! A favourite find of ours for many reasons but its versatility in design options is what truly takes the cake. 

Emerald-cut centre stone

The emerald cut is both elegant and glamourous

Emerald cuts bring an old-world Hollywood glamour to engagement rings and this lab-grown emerald cut engagement ring from Clean Origin seamlessly blends both simple elegance with some extra shine. The Farrah ring features diamond pave on the shank and head-on-shank style profile.

"Emerald cuts bring an old-world Hollywood glamour to engagement rings"

Four standard ball prongs complete the design which we personally love best in yellow gold, as it captures that classic old-school vibe, though you can get it in any metal colour of your choosing. 

Marquise-shaped centre stone

No prongs are needed with this bezel-style setting

Marquise shaped diamond engagement rings are typically set in a north-south orientation, but we’re delighted that Temprell chose to craft this stunning ring with an east-west orientation to defy expectations.  

Not only that, but the ring features a bezel style setting, which means no prongs are needed. Sign us up for one of these, please!     

Asscher-cut centre stone

With both a halo and diamond pave, this ring offers unparalleled shine

This vintage-inspired asscher cut diamond engagement ring has an eye-catching design and is perfect for brides who love the tradition but want to buck convention slightly.  

Not only does this beauty feature a hidden halo and diamond pave, it boasts another elegant detail meant only for the wearer: a hidden detail in the gallery. With a 2.20 asscher centre stone, this engagement ring offers unparalleled shine.   

Princess-cut centre stone

A traditional princess cut, this diamond catches the light beautifully

This engagement ring is fit for a princess! This classic style of engagement ring from TH Baker features a one carat lab grown princess cut centre diamond with a D colour grade and SI1 clarity.  

With a classic pave design on the flat shank, the ring also features a diamond halo around the centre stone and is set in platinum. Four standard ball prongs finish the look for a ring that’s sure to delight your intended.  

Pear-shaped centre stone

The V tip of this beautiful pear-shaped diamond keeps it protected

Pear shaped diamonds are great for elongating the look of your ring finger and we’re all for the simple elegance this engagement ring from Plum Diamonds provides the wearer. The design features a classic diamond pave halo in a cathedral style setting.

"Pear-shaped diamonds are great for elongating the look of your ring finger"

No additional pave is needed for this beauty: the flat shank made in rose gold opts for simplicity in its design. A V tip at the point of the diamond protects it from potential damage.   

Two stone engagement ring

The toi et moi ring symbolises two entities meeting as one

This engagement ring is a bit of a cheat because instead of one diamond, it features two! Toi et moi rings (French for you and me) have become a staple design for brides and thanks to the affordability of lab grown diamonds, we’re seeing this design pop up everywhere!  

We love the look of this toi et moi ring from Temprell which features both a pear shaped and asscher cut diamond set in a two-tone yellow and white gold setting with a wider than average band. Even though we all have our own design preferences we can all agree: there’s no such thing as too many diamonds!  

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