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10 Engagement rings in Pantone's colour of the year

BY Kelli Leigh

13th Sep 2023 Lifestyle

5 min read

10 Engagement rings in Pantone's colour of the year
Looking to get hitched? Channel your inner Barbie with these engagement rings in Pantone's colour of the year for 2023, Viva Magenta
When Pantone selected their colour of the year for 2023, Viva Magenta, they must have been channelling vibes from what would become the biggest blockbuster to hit theatres this summer: Barbie
Barbie-core (the term for fashion choices influenced by Barbie and her distinctive pink accoutrements) has been taking the world by storm and influencing the purchasing decisions of consumers for everything from shoes to shirts, handbags to hats, dresses and more. 
" The Barbie-pink fever has engagement ring designers giddy with excitement "
Bridal is no exception to the craze and the Barbie-pink fever has engagement ring designers giddy with excitement over the gemstones future brides are selecting for their rings. Tourmaline, sapphires, and morganite are the top choices for brides-to-be, as exceptionally rare pink diamonds can sell for almost half a million pounds per carat.  
We spoke with jewellers around the globe to put together this round up of the best Viva Magenta engagement rings for all would-be brides to add to their wish-lists at a variety of different price points and designs. Take a look at some of the best these jewellers have to offer by way of Viva Magenta and pink engagement rings. 

Sterling Forever Pink Sapphire CZ Princess Cut Ring (£55) 

1 Sterling Forever Pink Sapphire CZ Princess Cut Ring
This ring is technically meant for everyday wear, but because of its super low price point and traditional appearance, one could take it for a test drive as an engagement ring for very little expense.
Its classic engagement ring design with a tapered shank and channel set CZ melee elevates the bright pop of pink in the princess cut centre stone and makes it a true standout. A ring this stylish and cool for under £100 definitely deserves a second or even third look. 

Custom Pear Cut Morganite Cluster Ring from Barrio Neal (£2,500)

Bario Neal Custom Pear Cut Morganite Cluster Ring
This pear-shaped morganite cluster ring from Barrio Neal plays on the theme of pink in almost every one of its details. Not only does the pear-shaped centre stone feature a generous carat weight, but the side stones include amethyst, smoky quartz, and diamond set in reclaimed rose gold. With a V tip setting meant to protect the main stone’s delicate point, this ring is ready to rock out at any event it makes an appearance at. 

The Cynthia Ring Lab Grown Pink Diamond (£1,750)

Created Brilliance Cynthia Ring Lab Grown Pink Diamond
Lovers of pink diamonds should be grateful to the team at Created Brilliance for engineering this blindingly pink half-carat lab grown diamond at a much more affordable price point than a natural pink diamond would cost.
The brilliance of lab grown created stones is that they give wearers all the bling of a natural diamond at a fraction of the cost. Set in 18K white gold and finished with a delicate square shaped diamond halo and perfectly set diamond melee on the shank, the Cynthia ring is perfect for a princess who loves pink, even if she’s on a budget

Pink Sapphire Solitaire Ring in Platinum (£1,974)

Boutee Sapphire Ring
One of the most appealing things about this pink sapphire solitaire from Boutee is its hand-made setting cast in platinum. This ring is perfect for the bride who wants to assert her modern sensibilities yet maintain a classic bridal look.
"This ring is perfect for the bride who wants to assert her modern sensibilities yet maintain a classic bridal look"
Rustic yet polished at the same time, the centre stone is a 1.23 carat round cut pink sapphire in a bezel setting. Bezel settings are a bold choice for any bride but for this ring, it’s the perfect compliment to balance its pretty pink centrepiece. 

The Ellison Ruby Ring (£650)

Once again, the true genius of lab created gemstones shines through with the Ellison ring from Created Brilliance. Featuring a brightly coloured lab-created .33 carat ruby, the bride showing off this bling won’t need to worry too much about potential damage to the centre stone. Rubies are notoriously soft gemstones and often eschewed as choices for engagement rings, which are meant to be worn every day and therefore withstand wear and tear.
But the bride blessed with the Ellison ring won’t need to bother herself with being too careful because at this price point, she can afford to let herself have as much fun as the designers of this ring did. Flanked by two round diamonds for added sparkle, the Ellison ring is crafted in 9 carat yellow gold. 

Love Knot Ring with Pink Tourmaline Centre (£1,245)

Diamonds Factory Pink Ring
This love knot ring from Diamonds Factory features a sleek setting in a variety of metal colours but there’s nothing simple about its interlocking design. Get lost in the hypnotic curves of its artistic shank and be dazzled by its deep pink hued centre tourmaline centre stone that truly captures the spirit of Viva Magenta. To go all out on the theme of pink, select a setting made in either 9 or 18 carat rose gold.

Custom Oval Cluster Ring (£4,200) 

Bario Neal cust_morganite_cluster_ring_washburn_plat_web2-scaled
The design team at Barrio Neal is seriously delivering the goods with their multi-stone rings, but their custom oval cluster ring is simply next level. Made with a mix of high-quality pink morganite, spinel and white and pink sapphires, the price tag for this beautiful ring seems more than fair, given what it delivers.
If the colour of the stones shown in the sample ring aren’t to the bride’s liking, Barrio Neal’s team can work with clients directly on a selection of custom gemstones and really get the Viva Magenta look everyone’s going wild for at the moment. 

The Cate Ring from Created Brilliance (£500)

The Cate Ring
This brightly hued lab grown ruby is pulling double-duty as the eye-catching centre stone for this showstopping piece. Not only is it generously cut to over 8mm in size, but its price point makes it an appealing option as both a bridal option or a cocktail ring.
"This brightly hued lab grown ruby is pulling double-duty"
The Cate ring is also extra special thanks to its unique ballerina style halo in 9K white gold and a bold halo of lab grown diamonds weighing in at .25 carats, further elevating the appeal of this daring statement ring.

Baguette Ruby and Diamond Ring (£507)

Primrose Hill Ruby Ring
The look of this natural ruby ring from Primrose Hill is a classic. Most rubies are naturally opaque and the designers of this ring don’t shy away from enhancing the deep reddish pink hues of the centre cut baguette stone. Nestled on either side of the centre are delicate rows of diamond melee, giving this vintage-looking ring some additional old-world style glam. Shown in yellow gold, this ring can be made in any colour metal.

East-West Pink & Blue Sapphire Ring (£3200) 

This east-west pink and blue sapphire ring checks all the boxes. The bright pop of magenta in its oval centre stone flanked by deeply blue-hued sapphires is highlighted by the single colourless diamond used as an accent, as if to demonstrate just how truly luxe this ring is. Set in reclaimed rose gold and polished to perfection, this is a ring made for the bride who truly wants it all
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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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