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Predictions for the evolution and future of skincare

BY Dr Sach Mohan

23rd Jan 2024 Fashion & Beauty

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Predictions for the evolution and future of skincare
From regenerative treatments and zero downtime to strategic formulations, Dr Sach Mohan predicts the future of skincare
As a cosmetic physician with 17 years' experience, I've had the privilege of seeing skincare rapidly evolve from simple topicals to an intricate blend of science and powerful, targeted technology. 
It's an exciting time in skincare, so let's dive into what the future holds.

Regenerative treatments 

We are entering an era where beauty treatments are less about surface-level changes and more about deep, meaningful regeneration—something we have been championing for quite some time at Revere Clinics.
When it comes to achieving a fuller, fresher appearance, the tide is shifting from simply relying on hyaluronic acid fillers to harnessing the power of regenerative treatments like our innovative P5 Regenerative Facial.  
"Methods are designed to improve skin tone, tightness, volume, and overall health"
The P5 Regenerative Facial is a revolutionary menu of treatments created by Revere Clinics, which utilises natural nutrients your body already has, recognises or needs. This includes polynucleotides, amino acids, Profhilo, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and the PICO Genesis laser. These methods are designed not just to change one's appearance but to improve skin tone, tightness, volume, and overall health—permanently.
At the moment, our P5 facial is an injectable treatment. However, like most things, the transition of polynucleotides into topicals will undoubtedly come. Maybe not in 2024, but definitely some time in the future.  

Skincare for modern life  

Woman using a product on her skin
Skincare routines with 10+ steps have become the norm, but I foresee longwinded processes, like the double cleanse method, losing their popularity in 2024.  
While the method is effective and heralded by celebrities and skincare experts alike, it can be potentially stripping for the skin. In response to this, the skincare industry is finding innovative ways to ensure skin is thoroughly cleaned. 
Enter products like Aluminance AGE by Alumier. We have learnt that it is not just the sun that can cause damage to the skin. Everyday factors such as pollution can be equally harmful. 
"A strong skin barrier is key to maintaining skin health and preventing dryness, sensitivity and acne"
But these products, cleverly equipped with Exo-P, cleanse the skin. They form a protective shield that repels pollutants, preventing them from adhering to the skin and causing damage. Not only does this make the cleansing process more efficient, but it also allows for the skin's natural barrier to remain intact. This is essential as a strong skin barrier is key to maintaining skin health and preventing issues such as dryness, sensitivity and acne.  
In essence, products with Exo-P streamline the skincare routine without compromising effectiveness. They offer a simplified approach to skincare that caters to the modern, busy individual, while still ensuring the skin gets the protection and care it needs.  

Zero downtime  

Downtime, in medical skincare terms, refers to a period where the skin is healing or acclimatising to new products or treatments, often characterised by redness, peeling, or discomfort. 
This new era of zero downtime is indicative of the skincare industry's move towards efficiency and convenience without compromising on results. 

Strategic formulations 

Woman using a product on her face
Strategic, hybrid formulations are leading the way in the cosmetics industry, and Revere Clinics are leading the way in this trend. In 2024, I believe there will be a sharp focus on ingredient delivery systems and the consumer being savvier about how treatments work.
At Revere Clinics, we offer lengthy complimentary consultations for this very purpose, allowing our patients to mix and match our regimes to create a plan as unique as their skin concerns.  

Importance of skin health

I predict the use of medical-grade topicals alongside skincare treatments will continue to grow in 2024 as skincare enthusiasts grow more knowledgeable and eager to elevate their treatment results.  
"It's no longer taboo to say you have a skincare routine or that you visit a clinic for treatments"
More and more of us have “a skin person.” Much like a hairdresser or general practitioner. It's no longer taboo to say you have a skincare routine or that you visit a clinic for treatments.  
This universal understanding of the importance of skin health can only mean good things, and I’m excited to see it develop.  
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