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A guide to buying loose diamonds


4th Aug 2019 Fashion & Beauty

A guide to buying loose diamonds
Who doesn’t love diamonds? Of course, everyone does! They are one of the most desired gemstones out there. Other gems such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are all precious and beautiful, but the diamond is one of a kind! Here is your guide to picking loose stones for your engagement or wedding ring.
Getting married is a remarkably exciting time in your life. Lot's of coupleds tend to choose a ring from pre-set designs but why not think about pick a fine loose diamond and designing yuor own? 

Why Buy Loose Diamonds?

I'm sure lots of questions come to mind when thinking about purchising a loose diamond - How am going to wear it? Or how am going to propose with it?
Well, firstly - the loose stone is easier to inspect then a pre-set diamond. Moreover, if you choose the loose diamond, you can then create a unique and custom setting for your ring.
 Here are some rules worth following when buying a loose diamond. 

Diamond Certifications

It's important to know about the diamonds certification before buying it. A certified diamond is evaluated by the gemological laboratory - but not every laboratory is reliable. When you choose a loose stone, consider buying from these top five laboratories - GIA, AGS, EGL, IGI, and HRD.

Heed Quality and Size

Pay attention to both quality and size. Many people believe that bigger the diamond the better it is, but thats not always not the case. A huge diamond may be eye catching, but in a lot of cases, its quality is low compared to smaller ones. However, it's up to you  as to whether you pick quality over size or vice versa.

Understand the 4C’s

Make sure to research the 4Cs of diamonds - colour, cut, clarity, and carat. These are the four standards based on which diamonds are valued. Colour refers to the appearance of stone within a range D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). Whereas, cut determines the symmetry and light reflection of the diamond.
Clarity indicates the tiny imperfection found in every diamond but don’t worry, you will not be able to tell as these flaws are microscopic. Finally, the last C - carat - represents the weight of the diamond, which is 1 carat equals to 0.2 grams or 0.007 ounces. While buying a diamond, it’s up to you which C you want to prioritise.

Reach out to a Consultant

Choosing a diamond for your wedding ring can be a difficult task. If you feel you don’t have a good understanding of 4Cs, consult with a diamond expert. They will guide you and help you figure out which cut and style fits your budget and desire so you feel confident in your decision.
It is also essential to purchase loose diamonds from reliable and reputed jewellery stores. You can visit DC Jewellers.site - they have over eight types of loose diamond shapes for you to choose.

Popular Loose Diamond Shapes

Round Diamonds

It is the most popular and admired diamond shape for solitaire pendants, earrings, or an engagement ring. Round loose diamonds are famous as their 58 facets reflect light out and create a dazzling sparkle. Prioritise cut as this determines its reflection.

Princess Diamond

When it comes to buying loose stones these diamonds are the second most preferred shape. Typically, they come in a perfect square, but you can also buy it in a slightly rectangular shape. The princess cut diamond is often purchased to be set in engagement rings or a pair for earrings. 

Cushion Diamond

After princess and round, cushion diamonds ate the next most popular shape for wedding rings. They considered to be a stunning mix of both round and princess. If you want to stand out amongst the others, then go for cushion shape.
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