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13 Things Your Jeweller Won't Tell You


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

13 Things Your Jeweller Won't Tell You

Use these rock-solid tips to figure out if a gemstone deal is too good to be true.

1. Think you got a great deal on that beautiful ruby?

It may not be real. A number of jewellers nationwide have been caught selling “composite rubies,” which are as much as 40 to 50 percent glass, for almost the price of the real thing.

2. A sure sign of poor craftsmanship

Rough edges on the back of the piece. If it's not finished underneath, they've probably cut corners somewhere else.

3. If your favourite colour is blue... 

I'm going to try to sell you the most expensive stone in that colour, probably a sapphire. But many other stones—including spinel, tanzanite, and tourmaline—also come in blue. You just have to know to ask.

4. Seek out jewellers who are credentialed by the British Jeweller's Association 

They hold them to a high standard of knowledge and a code of ethics.

5. When you tell me “I never take it off”...

I can't help but think, That's disgusting. To leave it on when you clean the house, lotion up your hands yuck. You should take it off.

6. Please don't lick or spit on your finger...

To get your ring off and then hand it to me.

7. If you're buying a diamond on a budget 

Don't get stuck on the clarity grade. You can come down several clarity grades and in most cases will see absolutely no difference with the naked eye, especially once it's set in a piece of jewelry.

8. Here's a word to watch for on that diamond's certification report: laser 

If your diamond has a high clarity grade, but under “Comments” it says “laser path” or “laser,” that means a laser beam was used to get rid of a flaw, and it should cost 15 to 40 percent less than an untreated diamond of the same grade.

9. If your jeweller tells you that none of his emeralds are treated...

He's probably either ill-informed or dishonest. Almost all emeralds today are treated.

10. Clean your gems

In warm water with a mild liquid detergent and a toothbrush.

11. Extended warranties from jewellery stores typically aren't worth the money 

If you have a rider on your homeowner's insurance for your ring and it's lost, damaged, or stolen, or if a stone falls out, your policy will usually cover it.

12. The “60 or 70 per cent off” sales you sometimes see?

Not possible. There just isn't enough margin in what we sell today that you can discount like that and run a business and pay your bills.

13. We like to say... 

“If you don't know your jewels, know your jeweller.” It really does come down to trust.

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