How to pay for a destination wedding

On the big day, the bride and groom will have only one question to think about, and one answer to give: “I do”. But in the months leading up to a wedding, especially a wedding overseas, the happy couple and their families will have reams of questions. So here's a list of key points to help prepare for a dream destination wedding.

Find the perfect planner

In the UK, hiring a wedding planner is a great way to make sure the ceremony and reception match the bride and groom’s taste. Overseas, a wedding planner is even more important. Not only will they organise the decorations, food, drink and entertainment, but they should provide a checklist for documentation and a timeline of legal procedures.


Use a money transfer service

Paying for wedding costs in a foreign currency will incur fees and poor exchange rates if you use the bank. You’ll find lower fees and better exchange rates with FCA authorised money transfer services. The advantage of using a service like UKForex is that they have smart systems available online 24/7, you can transfer money at any time – giving you the freedom to support your loved ones even when you’re abroad with them. Be sure to register before you start incurring costs.


Iron out the legal details

Marrying abroad can cut the overall cost – sometimes by thousands of pounds. However, while certain costs are reduced, unfortunately other expenditures may increase. Legal advice, paperwork translation and short-term residency requirements have to be researched, translated, completed and paid for.


Invest in insurance

Taking out a specialist insurance policy for a wedding will give the couple peace of mind. While a destination wedding brings with it the promise of beautiful weather, regrettably there’s no way to guarantee blue skies.


Choose the right photographer

The lucky couple might need to spend a little more time and money finding a photographer who really suits their style. For example, finding a reportage-style photographer in Eastern Europe may take up more time and more of the wedding budget than in the UK.


Consider a package deal

Tour operators offer a range of package deals for overseas weddings. Much like a planner, they can help with the preparation and organisation for the upcoming ceremony. There is a premium to be paid but purchasing a package deal is a great way to take a weight off the shoulders of the happy couple.


While it may take a little more planning and research, helping pay for a destination wedding is a rewarding endeavour – and not just for the lucky bride and groom. For a family, it’s a great way to invest in the shared joy of togetherness that a marriage brings.