Reader Poetry: January-April 2023

Reader Poetry: January-April 2023

From the pains of menopause to conversations with a window-side robin, enjoy as our readers wax lyrical about issues dear to their heart through poetry

With an array of deeply personal stanzas to widely relatable verses, here are Reader's Digest's favourite poems featured in our January to April 2023 issues. 

It's Robin Calling

Here I am standing in the rain,
getting quite wet through.  And I hear
you say, “Well, if it isn't him again.”

The window opens and raisins appear,
it's about time I say,
and let's make this very clear.

I always sing your favourite song
not just at breakfast time,
but nearly all day long.

So when I'm standing all alone,
can you try and be quick?
I need to see the missus back home!

Your raisins are delicious, I want more.
And remember I have a family to feed,
that's something I can't ignore.

Now here's Mr Black looking for a treat.
If he comes near my raisins,
I'll peck his big brown feet!  




Jacket Potato

Jacket potato with
butter and cheese

It doesn’t take much
to keep me pleased.

A smile on my face
and one in my belly,

As I sip on my tea
watching the telly.

These are the things
that make me smile,

As I sit in and watch
the world transpire.

Where will change happen?
What will this mean?

I try to make sense
of the things I’ve seen

Today I’m living—
living the dream

It consists of jacket potato
with butter and cheese.





Reader poetry: January - April 2023 - Aerial top view of male swimmer in the poolCredit: gorodenkoff

On a bleak wet Tuesday morning
he closes his eyes and remembers
stepping into the ocean at Dawlish Warren
then screaming with the cold where they heard
all the way in Exeter city
and yet invigorating all the same,
the sea seemingly calling his name.

It was a warm spring day
as he swam out of his depth
a little fear mixing with elation,
figures on the shore small as ants.
Yes, he remembers that special day
rolling over the swell and feeling free
truly alive... in the indifferent sea.




Women’s Institute

The Women’s Institute, what a fabulous bunch of ladies they are,
organising events and activities both near and far.

A true British establishment that makes us so proud,
we want to stand tall and shout about its virtues out loud.

Lots of fun, laughter and many friendships are enjoyed,
cups of tea and biscuits keep the flagging spirits buoyed.

Baking cakes, bric a brac sales, just a few of their endeavours,
bringing people together to enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Passionate and driven for a shared worthy cause,
they deserve our support and endless applause.

So, to all the very special WI ladies, a big thank you,
let’s raise a glass for all the great work that they do.





Reader poetry: January - April 2023 - Biological clock and woman vector illustrationCredit: VectorMine

Menopause you total expletive
Why are you wrecking my hormones?

You've made me over-senstive
and you've made my scales groan

I know I love a bargain
And hot flushes save on heating

But nakedness is not allowed 
On public transport seating

My sister really hates it too
We moan about this time of life

But when we're out the other side
It'll still get my younger wife!

LISA BEST, Cheshire



Time For Tea

In a tearoom, a table’s set
Water boiled, not ready yet
Rose pink tiny china cups
Ladies sip slow, no big gulps

Shall we choose? It looks divine
Scones and jam, a favourite of mine
Chocolate eclairs piped with cream
A sweet delight, an afternoon dream

Muffins and crumpets, a soft sponge cake
It must have taken hours to bake
I hesitate, and purposefully linger
Butterfly bun or a sugar-iced finger?

We’ve now drained the whole teapot
I’ve had sufficient—quite a lot!
A weekly treat for you and me,
I love it so when it’s time for tea!




Robert’s Love

Reader poetry: January - April 2023 - line art of two people sitting side by sideHe moves slowly now; time exacts its price.
The privilege of life must have a cost;
Ageing yet not aged, though youth be lost.

She walks behind him yet more slowly still.
He turns towards her with loving concern,
Reassured she is there at every turn.

He can make her laugh and keeps her safe.
Still her protector, lover and friend; the
Constancy on which she can always depend.

He would not lose her for he loves her still.
Is his love known by the one that he chose?
It is unsaid. But she knows. Oh she knows!





Reader poetry: January - April 2023 - illustration of a woman opening cage to become free Credit: treety

Because you’re losing patience
On life’s roller coaster ride,
And everything’s confusing
Now your pleasures are denied,
Because you feel forsaken
By the causes you defend,
And life will not awaken
Since the passing of a friend—
Your world is not about to end.

Because your heart was broken
By some turbulent affair,
And dreams are but a token
Of a love in disrepair,
Because nobody listens
To the messages you send,
And all in life that glistens
Is around some other bend—
Your world is not about to end.

Because you only travel
Through the cosmos of the mind,
And life will not unravel
As the fleeting years unwind,
Because it seems forever
Since you truly set the trend,
And time has failed to sever
What you cannot comprehend—
Your world is not about to end.  



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