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5 Ways to improve signs of aging – and keep them away for good!


22nd Aug 2021 Fashion & Beauty

5 Ways to improve signs of aging – and keep them away for good!

We know they’re inevitable, but we still want to prevent them all the same: those tell-tale signs of aging.

Wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines and creases – all of it is part and parcel of growing older, but that doesn’t make them any more pleasant to deal with!

While we can’t turn back the clock (yet), there are many ways to start tackling the signs of aging before it’s too late, and those methods extend past the old and tired advice of “go to bed early,” and “drink more water.” Although, you should be doing those things as well…

Whether you’re lucky enough to still call yourself young and want to stave off the signs of aging, or you’re trying to get to the root of wrinkles or sagging skin, implementing these five simple lifestyle changes will ensure your skin remains as youthful as can be – no matter what the calendar says.

Find new hobbies

Studies conducted and reported on by the National Institute on Aging has found that those who consistently engage their minds and bodies in new and interesting ways are less likely to feel the outward and inward signs of aging. Countless studies have found that adults who participate in what they see as stimulating and meaningful activities experience less inflammation and decreased physical stress – and that definitely reflects on your skin.

Picking up a new hobby doesn’t necessarily have to be something physically strenuous or financially demanding; it can be as simple as diving into a new genre of literature than what you normally read, getting around to using that painting kit you’ve had sitting around for a few years, or baking a new recipe on a random Thursday night. As long as you’re infusing new, fun challenges into your daily life, you’ll be that much closer to keeping yourself looking – and feeling – young!

Switch up how you sleep

People who sleep on their sides are more likely to experience skin wrinkling as a result, Dr. Jaliman told Reader’s Digest. “Crunching” your face on the pillow creases your skin over time, which can lead to wrinkles and fine lines – especially as your skin’s collagen and elastin production lowers with time.

Dr. Jaliman recommends sleeping on a silk pillowcase, which provides more “slip” than cotton and nylon materials, and sleeping on your back if possible. It’s a little lifestyle change, but it can make a big difference in your skin’s overall appearance.

Choose your supplements wisely

Don’t skimp on the skin-saving supplements! As Dr. Jaliman mentioned, if you wait until you see skin wrinkles to treat them, you’ve waited too long.

“By the time we reach our 20s, many of us notice fine lines, especially around the eyes, since we blink 10,000 times a day,” she said. “If you’re going to care about wrinkles, the earlier you start a good skincare regimen, the better.”


In this day and age, you don’t have to disrupt your routine in order to take supplements that will provide your skin with assorted benefits. Supplements like OMONO, a once-daily dissolvable powder from Japan made to support skin health and anti-aging, make it easier than ever to get ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C into your system.

Don’t skip the dentist

Speaking of health, did you know that investing in proper dental care is also investing in your skin’s anti-aging powers? Not taking care of your teeth ages your smile and can also cause nutritional deficiencies and infections, both of which will definitely show on your skin.

In addition to caring for your teeth daily (this means brushing and flossing), make sure you’re visiting your dentist regularly and getting x-rays as needed so they can easily catch and prevent any deeper dental woes before they negatively impact your health.

Exfoliate regularly

Most people have heard the advice that exfoliating regularly is a surefire way to promote wrinkles and open pores – but doctors say that’s not true. As dermatologist Jessica Wu, MD, told Everyday Health, exfoliating the skin not only clears away dead skin cells, but also paves the way for the skin to increase its natural collagen production.

“Our skin sheds dead cells regularly, creating a new layer every 28 days,” she said. “But that process can slow over time, leading to a dull-looking complexion and rough patches. To help remove that buildup, exfoliate weekly.”

No one likes to see the telltale signs of aging when they look in the mirror, but it’s never been easier to care for yourself while investing in younger-looking and healthier skin. Following these simple tips will ensure you love what you see when you smile at your own reflection. Isn’t that what’s most important?

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