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How to mend a broken heart


1st Jan 2015 Life

How to mend a broken heart

Mending a broken heart is never easy. However, we have created some tips to help patch up your heart, and gradually, move on. Refocusing your mind and finding interests and hobbies are sure to set you on your way. This step by step guide will help fix you up.

Heartache need not be heartbreak!

When the one who you lived for rejects you, it's tempting to wallow in pity or stew in a fury, but, in fact, it's time to live for yourself. Beware of falling for someone new on the rebound – learn to love yourself again first. Remember, it's ok to fee bad. It's ok to grieve. But take our advice and get back on your feet.


Mending a broken heart

Draw support from friends and loved ones 

Your friends would absolutely love to support you during this difficult time. Not only that, but they probably haven't seen you for ages and would love to be in your company again. The great thing about friends is that they listen. If you want to pour your heart out, pour away. Similarly, if you want to be distracted, tell them you are not ready to talk, and that you simply want to have a nice time.


Start doing things for you!

The thing with relationships are that you spend so much time wrapped up in someone else that you forget about yourself: the things you enjoy doing alone. In a relationship your enjoyment becomes 'our' enjoyment. Remember the things you used to enjoy before your partner. Or find something new to take up. Consider lessons or taking up a new hobby. 


Make an effort to make yourself feel good 

Eat well, get dressed up – even for a trip to the shops – and hold your head high (literally – it works).


Take exercise

Walking or dancing will boost mood-enhancing endorphins and your self-image. Fill your weekends with activities you enjoy.


Make a list of all that's good...

...about you and all that's bad about your ex. Remind yourself of your own worth and try to avoid romanticising the past.


Make Plans

Sometimes relationships stop you from achieving dreams and ambitions. Whether that's being in a band or advancing your career. It could simply be travelling or moving near loved ones. Now's your opportunity for a new start. Focus on your career or your dreams and really start planning for your own future.


Don't rush into something new

Do you miss your partner or being in a relationship? If it's the former, then a new relationship may not be quite right just yet. Give yourself time to get over it first, take this as an opportunity to get to know yourself; you have changed a lot since you were last single.


When you are ready 

You'll know! You'll just find yourself one day feeling great, and you may indeed start finding a few heads turning as you gleam with your radiant self. 



Learn to love yourself and draw from the love of your friends and family. You do not need a partner to realise yourself; that you are indeed wonderful and loved.

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