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Save on your heating costs this Winter

Save on your heating costs this Winter

Does the thought of how much your heating bill may cost you this winter give you the shivers? Keeping your home warm shouldn't leave you broke so we have compiled these 10 top tips to help you save on your heating costs the winter.

1) Shop around for a better rate

If you feel your bill was at extortionate levels last Winter then look at moving energy suppliers. Citizens Advice offer a great service where you can plug in what you are paying now and based on the information you provide they calculate your annual energy spend and then provide a list of alternative suppliers that are offering cheaper plans that will reduce your energy bills.

2) Home décor for warmth this winter

Put flannel sheets on your bed, rugs on your floors, insulated curtains in your windows and warm blankets on your sofa.

 3) Try the new RugBuddy floor heater

Lay out the RugBuddy at the foot of your chair, cover with a rug, and plug it in. Within 20 minutes you will be enjoying a warm floor that radiates heat gently upwards and keeps you snug. It’s so simple to use, costs just a few pence per hour to run, and can save you money while keeping you warmer.

Listen to the Rugbuddy feature on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on Radio 2 where Rebecca Pike interviews William Haseldine, founder of BeWarmer Limited, about the brilliant RugBuddy under rug heater.

Exclusive Reader Offer: Click here to get your very own RugBuddy and get FREE post and packing (UK only) – saving £12 using code RDFREE17 at checkout. 

4) Dress for Cold Weather

 Dress in layers; put a pair of slippers on your feet, snug up with a warm and cosy dressing gown and add a hat to complete your "stay warm" ensemble.

 5) Let the sun in

Open curtains during the day to allow the sun to warm your home; close curtains at night to trap in the heat.

 6) Minimise the use of kitchen and bathroom fans

They may get rid of undesirable smells, but they also suck out a lot of hot air.

 7) Draught-proofing

This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy – and money. To draught-proof your home you should block up unwanted gaps that let cold air in and warm air out. Saving warm air means you’ll use less energy to heat your home, so you'll save money as well as making your home snug and pleasant.

 8) Turn down the thermostat

By turning the thermostat down by a couple degrees when you're away or asleep you can make a big difference to your heating bill. Get a programmable thermostat and it will make the adjustments for you.

9) Get an energy audit

Upgrades following an energy audit can save you money on your energy bill and improve the comfort of your home. The Green Deal helps you make energy-saving improvements to your home and find the best way to pay for them. Find out more about this government initiative here.

10) Insulate

There are many simple yet effective ways to insulate your home, which can significantly reduce heat loss while lowering your heating bills such as draft proofing, managing damp and condensation as well as insulating your floorboards, lofts and roofs, walls and behind radiators. Find out more here.

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