How to Save Money on Transport

Travelling is one of the most expensive activities in the modern world; whether you get from point A to point B in a car of your own or use public transport, the cost can be something of a nightmare. Luckily, however, there are ways to save on your travel costs.

1. Don’t settle for your local garage

The UK’s motorists find the price of petrol a constant burden. When you need to refuel your car, it’s worth making sure that you’re going to the cheapest garage in your area, not just the one that happens to be nearest. The money you’ll save is likely to outweigh the extra cost of getting to a garage that’s a little further away.

2. Only fill up your tank halfway

You can also save on petrol costs by only filling the petrol tank up halfway. It takes more fuel to move a car carrying the weight of a full tank than to move one that’s only carrying half a tank of petrol. As bizarre as it seems that the weight of the fuel itself can affect the fuel-efficiency of a vehicle, it’s true! So save on petrol costs by only filling your petrol tank to the halfway mark.

3. Book train tickets in advance

If you travel by train, it’s worth booking your tickets in advance. Tickets booked in advance are often much cheaper than tickets purchased on the day of travel. This isn’t true of all routes, but it’s worth checking if you can save money on yours by booking in advance. Booking your tickets early is especially useful for cutting the costs of longer journeys. If you have a long way to travel on your daily commute, you stand to save a significant amount of money.

4. Find out if you’re eligible for concessions

Many people are entitled to reduced rates when travelling by trains. 16 - 25 year olds, pensioners and people travelling in a family group can all get one third off the price of their rail tickets. You too might be entitled to these cost-saving concessions! If you are entitled to the reduced rates, you have to purchase the appropriate rail card in order to take advantage of them. However, the cost of the rail card is minute compared to the savings you can make by using the concessions.

5. Get a bus pass

If you’re old enough to claim your pension, you may be entitled to a bus pass. These passes enable you to travel for free on bus routes throughout the UK, making them the cheapest way to get around the country. It’s also worth noting that even without a pass, travelling by bus is one of the most affordable ways to get from point A to point B.

Regardless of what form of transport you use - car, bus or rail - there are ways you can save money. Transport costs can seem high and rather intimidating, but if you keep your eyes peeled for the best deals, plan in advance and take advantage of every concession to which you’re entitled, you can get your travel costs down to a reasonable level.


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