7 Homemade gift ideas for Mother's Day

BY Allison Lee

16th Mar 2023 Life

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7 Homemade gift ideas for Mother's Day

While it is convenient to present store-bought gifts to your mum on Mother’s Day, it is always more special to create handmade gifts from scratch that represent your effort, time and love for her

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you might be scratching your head for gift ideas to represent your gratitude to your mother, and to no avail. Fear not, for here are some homemade gift ideas that not only will not break the bank but also can be made with things you already have lying around your house.

1. Hugs and kisses

7 Homemade gift ideas for Mother's Day - a child hugging her mother from behindCredit: PeopleImages

It is often the small gestures that represent the biggest emotions. Kick off Mother’s Day by giving your mother a hug and a peck on the cheek. Though this seems simple, you’d be surprised by how many of us go about our daily lives forgetting to hug our mothers.

"You’d be surprised by how many of us go about our daily lives forgetting to hug our mothers"

If you are not spending the day with her or the long distance between you makes it difficult, consider sending her some GIFs or stickers that show people hugging. Alternatively, a simple “I love you” should do the trick.

2. Breakfast in bed

7 Homemade gift ideas for Mother's Day - children serving their mother breakfast in bed with a nice spread and flowersCredit: Epiximages

For all the days that your mother woke up early just to make you a generous spread, now is the time for you to reciprocate. You can never go wrong with a homemade breakfast in bed! Keep an eye out for what your mother usually has for breakfast if you don’t already know. Does she take her coffee with sugar? Does she prefer orange juice? Is she a waffle or pancake person?

With simple ingredients that you can likely find in your cabinet, put on your chef hat and whip up something she would like. To score bonus points, add a personal touch by serving the breakfast with a handwritten note or a small vase of flowers.

3. Baked goods

While we are still in the kitchen, homemade baked goods will forever hit everyone in the right places. Make your mother a dozen cookies, a box of cupcakes, or even a tray of brownies! If you are an adventurous one, why not try baking a cake?

Decorate the baked goods with her favourite frosting or toppings, and integrate her favourite colours! For the artistic children, go ahead and draw moments or objects your mother is fond of on the cookies. If you don’t have a painter or illustrator’s gene in you, write out “Happy Mother’s Day” or anything you’d like to say on the cupcakes with frosting. Whatever you decide to make, don’t forget to add the special ingredient of love.

4. Handmade bouquet

Everyone gives a bouquet during Mother’s Day, but here’s how you can bring yours to the next level: by giving your mother a bouquet that will never wilt.

Search up tutorials and patterns for how to crochet flowers or fold them through origami. This way, you not only have control over the size and colour of the bouquet, but it also shows the time and dedication you’ve put into the gift.

"Bring your bouquet to the next level by giving your mother one that will never wilt"

This could be a fun project to do with siblings as well, or you could give your mother one handmade flower a year and increase the longevity of the project.

5. Handwritten notes

7 Homemade gift ideas for Mother's Day - person writing on a blank cardCredit: photoguns

If the baked goods don’t turn out too well or the crocheting ends with you in yarn, you can never go wrong with a simple handwritten note. The artsy people can go forth and try to conquer pop-up cards that express their personality or love for their mothers, while those who are more expressive through words can opt to pour their feelings out on a card from the shops.

Write a heartfelt message that your mother can treasure forever as a symbol of her children’s love. If there’s anything you have ever found difficult to say or express, why not try writing it down?  

6. Redeemable coupon book

7 Homemade gift ideas for Mother's Day - young boy helping his mother with the dishes as they laughCredit: DGLimages

No, we are not talking about collecting newspaper coupons and compiling them into a stack for your mother’s next shopping trip. We are talking about a DIY coupon book with redeemable favours that your mother can use throughout the year.

This could include cleaning, looking after younger siblings, cooking, or a luxurious day of pampering. Pay close attention to what kind of help your mother might need and tailor the coupons to those. While it goes without saying that we should be helping our mothers even without coupon books, the existence of this little gift sure spruces things up a little!

7. Rewind video

A trip down memory lane is always a good gift for the sentimental ones. Create a rewind video by stitching pictures and videos of your favourite memories together. This is best recommended for those who might be living far from their mothers, as you can simply send the video to her when you are done!

"There is nothing more heartwarming than being able to replay the highlights of her being a mother"

There is nothing more heartwarming than being able to replay the highlights of her being a mother, and the best part is that the whole family can join in on this one.

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