Meet Heart and Brain: the comic battle between intellect and emotion

Created by comic artist Nick Seluk, Heart and Brain is hilarious, sweet and very relatable! The two characters are perfect representations of the rational mind and the irrational heart. Here are some of the duo's finest moments.

Ever tried to work when your heart's not in it?

Heart and Brain trying to do work



And when the urge to procrastinate sets in...

Heart and brain at work



There are no strangers, only friends you haven't met

Heart and brain on relationships



Social media is like banging your head against a brick wall 

The heart and the brain on social media



Where the mind leads, the heart doesn't always follow

Heart on responsibilities



Fascination is always a heartbeat away

Heart and brain on the universe



When you love a song with all your heart

Heart and brain on music



Avoiding temptation—it's just mind over matter

heart and brain on money


75 dollars?! You're out of your mind!

The heart and the brain on money



Reality, it's occasionally heartbreaking...

The heart on the real world
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