The ultimate Mother's Day gift guide

Reader's Digest Editors 9 March 2021

There's a gift idea in this guide to pamper your mother, no matter what her tastes!

1. For fragrance lovers: Victoria Cator Candle, £58

Victoria Cator Candle

It's a rare mum who doesn't love a candle, and this gorgeous offering from Victoria Cator might be her favourite yet.

With a scent that will transport her to a botanical garden, a double wick and generous burn time—as well as a sophisticated design that will fit into any room—Victoria Cator is offering the best premium candles on the market right now.


2. Beper Pillow Massager, £27.99

Beper Pillow Massager

If, like many of us, lockdown working has seen your mum sat at an uncomfortable home desk five days a week, this massager could be the answer to her prayers.

Easily attached to the back of a chair for upper back and neck massage, give your mum the gift of stress and tension relief, so she can really relax and enjoy her day. 

Zero set up and an easy one-button functionality means the pillow will be a treat for even the most technologically impaired of mums!


3. Good Vibes Locket, Wonther, €196

Wonther rose quartz locket


The soft pink stone of rose quartz is always associated with love—said to reset the heart chakra and bring a sense of peace to our loved ones. What better way to ensure your love stays with your mum every day then than with this elegant gold locket which opens up to reveal a small, framed piece of rose quartz within. 

Jewellery brand Wonther is founded on strong ethical principles, using only materials from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council so that the production of their jewellery respects both the people who create it and the impact its creation has on the world around it. 

Wonther pieces arrive in sustainable packaging with a gorgeous scent and chic design. 


4. Calm Club Bath Board, £39.99


This high-quality, brilliantly designed bath board will have the effect of transporting your mum to her own personal spa, without having to leave the bathroom!

With space for a book, phone or tablet, drink, soap, and even a heat-resistant dish for incense or candles, this nifty board packs a lot into its humble design. Unlike many other offerings on the market, the design is stylish enough to elevate your bathroom, so there's no need to stash it in a cupboard after your soak. 


5. Flowers from Pinks and Roses

Pinks and Roses bouquet

Upgrade your usual last-minute petrol station bouquet with a display from Pinks and Roses—more works of art, than simple floral arrangements. 

Run by a mother and daughter team, the ethos behind the brand is perfectly placed for Mother's Day surprises. And if you really want to give mum a treat, there are options to add in chocolate and fizz, so she can indulge her sense of taste, as well as revelling in the gorgeous scent of her new flowers. 


6. The Mother's Day Package, Don't Buy Her Flowers, £45

don't buy her flowers

Flowers not your mum's thing? Don't Buy Her Flowers specialise in offering pamper packages for loved ones when you need gift inspiration beyond your traditional bouquet. 

This year's Mother's Day package has everything your mum could want for a relaxing evening in. A bottle of gin, relaxing face mask, candles, indulgent hand cream and more. 


7. Mineral Bath Salts Collection, Verdant Alchemy, £32

Verdant Alchemy review

If nothing relaxes your mum more than a long soak in the tub, these divine-smelling mineral bath salts from Verdant Alchemy could be her perfect gift. 

The set of three includes scents of grapefruit, geranium, lavender and eucalyptus for three different relaxing soak options.

One hundred per cent of natural origin, the salts are gentle on skin and the environment too, with no alcohol, synthetic fragrances or colours, and handy resealable packaging.  


8. Cyberjammies pyjamas

cyberjammies set

Lockdown has had most of us getting more wear out of our pyjamas and loungewear than ever before, so why not treat mum to a serious wardrobe upgrade?

Cyberjammies pyjamas are soft, breathable and fashionable, with a range of funky patterns to liven up the boredom of another day at home. 

Orders from Cyberjammies arrive beautifully packaged in a bespoke box and tissue paper for that added sense of luxury, so your mum will really feel she's being treated, even if you can't be there to deliver your gift yourself.


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