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10 Greatest dogs of the internet

Allison Lee

BY Allison Lee

10th Feb 2023 Animals & Pets

10 Greatest dogs of the internet

In the digital age, our furry companions have found a new level of fame. From viral video stars to social media sensations, these ten dogs have captured the hearts of millions with their adorable looks and endearing personalities

You know what they say—dogs are a man’s best friend. In fact, with the boom of social media, dogs are celebrities, business moguls, and models too! Are you up to date with the four-legged good boys and girls of the internet? Buckle up because you’re in for an adorable ride.

1. Jiffpom

10 Greatest dogs of the internet - jiffpom wrapped in a unicorn blanketCredit: @jiffpom

Can you believe that this famed Pomeranian has made a guest appearance in a Katy Perry music video? Well, he has. Known as the dog with the most Instagram followers, Jiff is so much more than just a teddy-like dog with neatly-trimmed hair.

Jiff has Guinness World Records under his collar for being the fastest dog on two paws: one for the ten-metre run on his hind legs and five-metre run on his front paws. When he isn’t breaking records and filming music videos with celebrities, Jiff dresses up in comfy outfits showcased on his Instagram, adored by all of the internet.

2. Noodle the Pug

@jongraz hope you all have the best Monday! ???????? #nobones #bonesday #pug #noodletok #monday ♬ original sound - Jonathan

Better known as the “bones or no bones” dog, Noodle gained traction on TikTok. Nearly every morning, his owner, Jonathan Graziano, would wake Noodle by lifting him gently out of his sleeping position. If Noodle wakes up and stands on his paws, it is a “bones” day; if Noodle collapses right back into his bed, it is a “no bones” day.

Don’t be shocked, as Noodle’s bones don’t just disappear overnight! Graziano and Noodle’s fanbase have agreed that a “no bones” day is one to lay low, avoid big risks, and treat yourself, whereas a “bones” day is one filled with ambition and determination to tackle your to-do list. Graziano has clarified that we must not mistake a “no bones” day for a bad day.

"TikTok users would seek out the wise sage of a pug every day to set the daily tone, to see whether it was 'bones' or 'no bones' day"

TikTok users would seek out the wise sage of a pug every day to set the daily tone, with some sharing the courageous things they would do on “bones” days, such as proposing to their partners or buying a winning lotto ticket. Unfortunately, Noodle passed in late 2022, but he will be remembered for the joy he spread to millions online.

3. Doug the Pug

It seems pugs are having a field day with becoming media magnets! If you’re wondering why this gentleman looks so familiar, that’s because he has graced the pages of Cosmopolitan, TIME and even Buzzfeed.

Doug is no stranger to dressing up, venturing the world, and meeting the likes of Ed Sheeran or John Legend, all while maintaining a down-to-earth, relatable feed for his fans. This pug even had his literary debut titled The King of Pop Culture (though it certainly would’ve been a great opportunity to call the book The King of Pup Culture), a board book serving photos of Doug with hilarious captions.

Doug’s owners have also used his platform for good, kickstarting a non-profit foundation supporting children fighting life-threatening diseases.

4. Kabosu aka Doge

10 Greatest dogs of the internet - kabosu the shiba inu in a field of flowers
Credit: @kabosumama

This is the very same doge whose expressive photos went viral as timeless memes and who became the face of a cryptocurrency. The name of this famous Shiba Inu is Kabosu, and she was adopted by a kindergarten teacher from a Japanese animal shelter fifteen years ago.

The meme featuring Kabosu gained popularity after it surfaced on Reddit in 2010, and people began creating their versions of the meme, further making Kabosu a widely-recognisable face.

"Two software engineers satirised speculation around cryptocurrencies by creating Dogecoin, featuring Kabosu’s face"

When two software engineers wanted to satirise the chaotic speculation around cryptocurrencies in 2013, they created Dogecoin featuring Kabosu’s face. Ironically, some began investing in Dogecoin seriously, and with a little help from Reddit, Dogecoin eventually amassed a market capitalisation of over $85 million in 2021.

Kabosu, of course, has more to offer than her meme face on her Instagram.

5. Maya the “Polar Bear”

Maya is a dog that resembles a polar bear and is what would make you say the word “floof”. Indeed, the Samoyed’s white fur will test your urge to hug her across the screen.

While Maya doesn’t participate in dress-up like other internet dogs, her owner shares her daily life with fans on the internet. There are various videos of Maya going about her day like we do: celebrating Christmas, going to the vet, being clingy to her owner, and more!

If her Instagram doesn’t quench your thirst for wholesome dog content, Maya also has an outstanding YouTube channel with 2.68 million subscribers.

6. Marnie the Shih Tzu

10 Greatest dogs of the internet - marnie the dog sticking tongue out with demi lovato
Credit: @marniethedog

As much as our hearts melt for the big, fluffy dogs, smaller breeds that look like they can fit in a Starbucks cup have a special place in everyone’s hearts. The story of Marnie the rescue dog is a heart-warming one, beginning with the day she was adopted, which Marnie’s owner refers to as her “Gotcha Day”.

Marnie’s owner, Shirley, had limited experience with dogs but knew she was fated to have one, and Marnie’s eyes called out to her via a photo on petfinder.com. In an Instagram post, Shirley recalled the distressing state of the Connecticut shelter when she picked up Marnie in 2012, determined to give the pup a better life.

What led to the internet’s fascination with Marnie was her innocent head tilts and a tongue so long that it would habitually hang out of her mouth, as is evident from almost every photograph on Marnie’s social media. Marnie, just like the other famous pets, had opportunities to meet celebrities who mimicked her adorable tongue placement, giving fans wholesome selfies.

Marnie led a happy and fulfilling life up to the age of 18, but when you miss her, you can always catch her head tilts and tongue pokes on her Instagram.

7. Manny the Frenchie

It seems dog owners have an affinity for dog names that begin with M; next up on our list of internet sensations is Manny, the world’s most-followed bulldog on Instagram. A quick swipe of Manny’s Instagram would have everyone saying, “that’s relatable”, as there is a photograph of Manny taking a nap at least once every three rows.

When he’s not getting some shut-eye, Manny also has a merchandise line and is quite the philanthro-pup being the face of Manny & Friends Foundation, whose mission is to help humans and pets alike. The foundation lends a helping hand to children battling serious illnesses and homeless pets who need saving.

8. Nobert

10 Greatest dogs of the internet - nobert the therapy dog with a big green bow tieCredit: NobertDog

Just when you thought things couldn’t get cuter, let me introduce you to Nobert, the therapy dog that weighs under 2 kg. If you visit Nobert on Facebook, you’ll see that this little guy is also a business mastermind, selling a line of enamel pins, playing cards, and wall calendars—you name it, he has it!

"His one million followers fall head over heels for this pup you can hold in one hand. The best part? Nobert can style a bowtie like no other"

Like Marnie, Nobert also sticks his tongue out in certain photos, making his one million followers fall head over heels for this pup you can hold in one hand. The best part? Nobert can style a bowtie like no other.

9. Tuna

No, not the fish. Tuna is a Chiweenie rescued by his current owner from a farmers’ market in California, and now he is an internet sensation with 2 million followers on Instagram.

What sets Tuna apart is his overbite and recessed jawline, which does not stop him from spreading love and joy to netizens. Tuna now encourages his following to adopt animals in need as an ambassador for animal rescue. When he isn’t caught up with his ambassador duties, you can find him travelling around the world via his second Instagram account.

10. Shiba-san

Credit: GIPHY

We saved the best for last. Did you know there used to be a tobacco shop in Tokyo run by a furry little clerk? Shiba-san ran the store alongside his owner and visitors would drop by to get a glimpse at the extraordinary dog. He would slide open the shop window when customers approached, greeting them with utmost professionalism.

Sadly, the keyword here is “used to”. The store was closed in 2015 and Shiba-san has since retired, getting some well-deserved rest with his owner. Luckily, you can still catch the retired clerk on his owner’s Instagram now and then.

Banner credit: chendongshan

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*This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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