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The style resolutions we need to make in 2022

BY Bec Oakes

13th Jan 2022 Home & Garden

The style resolutions we need to make in 2022

How to build a better, more wearable wardrobe and put your best fashionably clad foot forward in the new year

Another year has come to a close and 2022 stands before us like a fresh chapter in a book. As the new year begins, it’s only natural to want to embrace the “new year, new start” mindset; to leave behind old problems and bad habits and make positive changes in our lives. So we set New Year’s resolutions.

But, keeping them is often easier said than done. Therefore, this year I’m suggesting we all make a few resolutions that are easy to keep.

Specifically, resolutions relating to personal style; an area in our lives that perhaps doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Considering the fact that we have to deal with our wardrobes every single day, it makes sense to ensure that they’re working as effectively as possible for us, guaranteeing that we look and feel great every day. 

I’ve pulled together a selection of fashion resolutions designed to help you cultivate a wardrobe that works for you and avoid having to contend with style meltdowns, both in the new year and beyond.

It starts with making the most of what’s already in your wardrobe and you can’t do that without knowing what’s there. Set aside a day for a full wardrobe clear-out.


Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit you or hasn’t been worn within the past 12 months. Then, create an inventory of everything that’s left, making it easier to keep track of what you own and select an outfit each morning. There are Clueless-style apps dedicated to the process like Whering or you can simply take a photo of every item you own and place them in a dedicated folder.

It really is easier to get dressed when you can find everything in your wardrobe. So avoid wasting time trying to find a long-lost cardigan by creating a wardrobe organisation system that’s easy to maintain, whether that be by category or colour. And, keep your wardrobe organised by making a point of putting things away in their proper places at the end of each day.

"Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit you or hasn’t been worn within the past 12 months"

On top of this, vowing to form better shopping habits wouldn’t go amiss. We’re all guilty of impulse-buying but by shopping with a clear purpose, we’re more likely to curate a wardrobe with longevity.

If you’re looking to reinvigorate your wardrobe with new clothes, make a conscious effort to buy elevated classics that are well-made and built to last. They may cost more, but high-quality staples are going to work a lot harder and for a lot longer than any thoughtless fast fashion purchase.

And, with the ongoing climate crisis, try to take a more sustainable approach when shopping. Buy from brands that focus on sustainability—Raeburn, Pangaia and Reformation are all great examples—or delve into vintage and secondhand shopping. With online marketplaces like Depop and Vinted, it’s never been easier.


Lastly, vow to only buy pieces that suit and fit you well. You may love the effortlessly cool appeal of a voluminous puff-sleeved dress, but if you look like you’re drowning, you’ll probably never wear it. And, don’t buy clothes you'd need to lose or gain weight to fit into.

I have a long history of buying pieces that are too small and I developed some less than healthy nutritional habits in my plight to fit into them. So, this year, I’m pledging to only buy clothes that fit me how I am in the moment, not how I once was or someday hope to be.

"As for styling, it’s all about fun. Think outside the box and take some risks"

As for styling, it’s all about fun. Think outside the box and take some risks. Try new silhouettes. Invest in a statement piece to elevate your everyday style. Or embrace a bit of colour. Not only can it take your style in an exciting new direction, but it’s scientifically proven to brighten up your day as well as that of everyone around you.

So, whether it's shopping more sustainably, bypassing unflattering trends or simply organising your wardrobe, add a style-centred resolution to your 2022 plans and make this the year you cultivate a wardrobe that truly serves you. 

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