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How Many EuroMillions Lines Do You Need To Win the Jackpot?

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How Many EuroMillions Lines Do You Need To Win the Jackpot?
A look at EuroMillions lottery and criteria for entering and winning it.
Who doesn't want to live the life of their dreams with a big lottery win, and what better way to get here than with the twice weekly Euromillions draws?
Read on to find out how to increase your chances with more winning entries for less.
Demand for lottery syndicate companies like Lotto Social, who offer their members ten entries for £1, have become an increasingly popular way of getting more lines for less. By playing together in syndicates you can increase your chance of a win at no extra cost to yourself, so if someone in your syndicate wins then you will get an equal share of the winnings. 
These new ways of playing make the lottery more affordable. Ordinarily, ten entires would you set you back £25 per draw. Now, ten entries via Lotto Social is a fraction of the cost, albeit sharing the winnings. According to Camelot, one in five jackpots are currently won by syndicates*, so it's already a popular way to play and win.
As well as offering ten lines for only £1, for their first draw, Lotto Social also gives their members' five free games where they can win up to £7,000.
A spokesperson for Lotto Social explains, "We offer our members an easy way to increase their chances of winning, whilst playing less. We always like to give extra value to our members and we try to bring the excitement of winning in between each draw, so we give our members plenty of other ways to win, including our free instant-win, cash prize games, pluc redit to play in other lotteries from around the World."
Another advantage of playing with Lotto Social is that they purchase genuine tickets from the National Lottery, unlike other companies, who take out bets against lottery draws, such as the EuroMillions and the National Lottery, by using an insurance policy. 
In addition, this means that Lotto Social syndicate members continue to contribute to the National Lottery Community fund, which is responsible for distributing monies raised by the National Lottery for "good causes." 
Lotto Social also runs its own Charity of the Month initiative where members nominated and vote for their two favourute local charities each month. The donation is then between the two charities, so everyone wins. 
"We have supported over 90 local community charities in the past few years, from local hospitals and schools to foodbanks and mental health care, to name a few. We are incredibly proud to give our members a voice enabling them to further support the charities that they are passionate about", confirms a Lotto Social spokesperson. 
LottoSocial is a commercially-run syndicate service that is recognised as such by the Gambling Commission, and is the largest commercially run syndicate service in the UK.
Lotto Social has been running for over 15 years, offering their members more lines for less, and has a Trust Pilot rating of “Excellent” as voted for by over 10,000 members.
This article contains affiliate links. Please note that LottoSocial is not a gambling site but simply a service which arranges people into syndicates. All tickets are from the National Lottery.
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