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The only cocktails you need this Easter


11th Apr 2022 Recipes

The only cocktails you need this Easter

This season provides the perfect excuse for you to create some lovely, refreshing cocktails, perfect for Easter weekend brunches and dinner with family and friends

Spring makes everyone excited; the glimmer of sunshine is a sign to officially put away your winter coats and prepare for lighter evenings.

During Easter, after dinner drinks are always welcomed after a hearty meal, think light citrus bases and sweet rose finishes.

From jazzing up drinks with fun fruit additions to sugar syrups, the experts at Heartsease Farm have shared three ultimate Easter cocktail recipes.

Limoncello Mojito

Serves 2


- 2 tbsp sugar

- 2 tbsp water

- 12 fresh mint leaves

- 2 oz white rum

- 2 oz Limoncello lemon liqueur

- 1 tsp lime juice


1) Place the water and sugar in a small saucepan and stir until the sugar dissolves to create a syrup.

2) Put the fresh mint leaves in a large cup and muddle them to squeeze the juice out.

3) Fill the same cup with ice and add the lime juice, limoncello, syrup and Heartsease Farm Wild Elderflower pressé

4) Stir well and garnish with lime and fresh mint leaves.

Raspberry Rose Sangria

Serves 4-6


- 2 cups fresh raspberries

- 1 lemon, thinly sliced

- 750ml bottle rosé


1) In a pitcher, combine the raspberries, lemon slices and rose. Place the mixture in the fridge to allow it to chill for around an hour.

2) Add Heartsease Farm Traditional Lemonade to the pitcher just before serving.

3) Fill each glass with ice cubes before pouring over the liquid.

Ginger Beer Margaritas

Serves 2


- 90ml Tequila

- 60ml fresh lime juice

- 2 tbsp sugar

- 2 tbsp water

- Ice

- Coarse salt


1) Line a margarita glass with fresh lime juice and dip in coarse salt

2) Place the water and sugar in a small saucepan and stir until the sugar dissolves to create a syrup.

3) Add tequila, lime juice, Heartsease Farm Fiery Ginger Beer, syrup, and ice into a cocktail shaker and stir well. Don’t shake with the lid on as the ginger beer could erupt.

4) Pour the liquid into a serving glass over a few ice cubes. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve immediately.

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