11 Weird and wonderful Easter bonnets

Traditionally, the Easter bonnet marked the English tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter. Out with the old and in with the new, and a fine new hat to boot. These days, things have got a little more creative, cute and incredibly silly, as this Easter bonnet parade quite accurately depicts.

How do you eat yours?

Cream egg bonnet


It's not just humans that enjoy this tradition...


A rabbit in a hat

Rabbit in a hat



A rabbit in a hat trick

Ann Miller Easter bonnet


A cat in a rabbit hat

Cat who thinks it's a rabbit


Rabbit food

Carrot bonnet


Ok, things are getting really weird now...

man in rabbit


This might just be one step too fur


What came first, the chicken or the dinosaur egg?

Dinosaur bonnet


And the winner for the best bonnet goes to...

The best easter bonnet ever


Happy Easter everyone!

easter chick