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What your Christmas party drink choice says about you

BY Patrick Pistolesi

20th Dec 2023 Drinks

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What your Christmas party drink choice says about you
Move over horoscopes! With holiday parties in full force and Christmas cocktails all around, have you ever stopped to wonder what your drink choice says about you?
Ahead of the festive season, Patrick Pistolesi, master mixologist at NIO Cocktails, has revealed what drink you should order at your office Christmas party based on your personality. 

Sweet cocktails: The life of the party

Personality type: You only drink when you dance. You only drink when you get dressed up. And, generally, you only drink on weekends. Yet, when you do drink, you love to keep the party going. Your preferred party position is behind the DJ booth.
Drinks to order: Daiquiri, Strawberry Margarita, Gin Proved

Sour cocktails: The one who is fashionably late

Whiskey sour
Personality type: Like the complexity of the drink, you also have many layers to you. You’re confident but with an air of sophistication about you. Your preferred party position is to be fashionably late and the best dressed. You will most likely move around amongst different groups instead of sticking to one.
Drinks to order: Disaronno Sour, Whiskey Sour or Gin Sour

Mocktails: The go-getter

Personality type: You are very responsible and a go-getter. You are always setting goals and achieving them. You prefer sparkling water over stilled and neutral tones over bright ones. Your preferred party position is the first one to leave.
Drinks to order: Lemongrass Citrus, Ginger Sour or Gimless

Whiskey: The conversationalist

Whiskey on the rocks
Personality type: Whiskey-drinkers are serious people and most likely to be caught in a deep conversation. They tend to be quiet observers and prefer it that way. This group can also be great for direct advice when you need it. Your preferred party position is in conversation with the CEO.
Drinks to order: Whiskey on the rocks, Boulevardier or Old Fashioned

Vodka: The socialite

Vodka martini
Personality type: You are a real socialite and are a guaranteed yes to any colleague get-togethers. You love being social and enjoy big nights out regularly. You’re naturally curious and are always taking annual leave to visit a new destination. Your preferred party position is welcoming everybody.
Drinks to order: Cosmopolitan, Vodka Sour or Vodka Martini

Tequila: The funny one

Tequila shots
Personality type: Tequila drinkers are straightforward in the fact they love to party. They’re incredibly comfortable in their own skin—often the loudest and funniest person in the office. For them, embarrassment doesn’t fall into their vocabulary. Their preferred party position is in the eye of the storm.
Drinks to order: Margarita, Tequila Sour or Tequila Sunrise

Gin: The cool gang

Personality type: Gin-drinkers are chic, mysterious and cool. They love the fact that you can’t read them. Expect this group to be more subdued on a night out, more likely hanging out with the whiskey drinkers than the tequila drinkers. This group knows who they are and where they’re going, and chances are their professional life reflects that. Their preferred party position is slipping out, without saying goodbye.
Drinks to order: Dry Martini, Negroni or Gimlet

Bitter cocktails: The creative type

Espresso martini
Personality type: Bitter cocktails are particularly popular with millennials. You love to talk about art and culture, and are part of the creative team within the office. Despite the name of the cocktail, you have a warm, sweet side that people naturally gravitate towards. Your preferred party position is storytelling whilst getting another round in.
Drinks to order: Espresso Martini, Milano Torino, Spiced Negroni

Wine: The sensible one

White wine
Personality type: Wine drinkers are generally the safe guests to have at a party—serious but not too controversial. At work, they like to avoid conflict, opting for the middle ground and this carries through to the social setting. Their preferred party position is surrounded by interesting conversations.
Drinks to order: Bellini, White WIne Spritzer, Sangria

Champagne or Prosecco: The observer

Personality type: People approach you to ask permission for various things. You’re very observant in the office and are the type to think before you speak. People overshare with you when in conversation to fill any silences. Your preferred party position? Up at the bar, watching from afar.
Drinks to order: Pornstar Martini, Prosecco Margarita or Negroni Sbagliato
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