10 European cities with the most castles

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10 European cities with the most castles
Unveiling Europe's most enchanting destinations, these cities boast not only a vibrant urban atmosphere but also a treasure trove of historic castles 
From Istanbul's majestic Ottoman fortresses to Rome's Roman Empire relics, and Berlin's blend of modernity with medieval charm, these European cities are a paradise for castle enthusiasts
Global e-commerce platform Ubuy conducted research into the number of castles in major European cities. Explore this list to discover the cities that have preserved the magic of their past in magnificent castle structures. 

1. Istanbul, Turkey (12 castles)

Rumeli Fortress in Turkey
Istanbul, the vibrant metropolis straddling two continents, emerges as Europe's unrivalled castle capital with a staggering 12 castles. These medieval fortresses stand as guardians of the city's rich history, offering a captivating journey into the past.
" Medieval fortresses stand as guardians of the city's rich history"
Notable among them are the formidable Rumeli Fortress, guarding the Bosphorus, and Anadoluhisarı, a picturesque sentinel on the Asian side. Visitors to Istanbul can savour not only the beauty of these castles but also the echoes of Turkey's Ottoman legacy.

2. Rome, Italy (11 castles)

View of Castel Sant'Angelo from the river. Rome
The Eternal City, Rome, enchants with its 11 castles, each a chapter in Italy's illustrious history. Among these, Palazzo Brancaccio's neo-Romanesque charm, the towering Castel Sant'Angelo, and the enigmatic Castello della Cecchignola stand as architectural marvels.
Rome's castles evoke the grandeur of the Roman Empire, beckoning travellers to explore their timeless secrets.

3. Berlin, Germany (nine castles)

Night scene of Charlottenburg palace in Germany
Berlin, the dynamic heart of Germany, surprises with its nine castles nestled amid the bustling cityscape. Each castle showcases a unique facet of German history and architecture.
Notable among them are the opulent Charlottenburg Palace, the historical Stadtschloss Berlin, and the dignified Bellevue Palace. Berlin's castles, often adorned with distinctive dome-shaped roofs, provide a captivating contrast to the city's modernity.

4. Naples, Italy (nine castles)

Castel dell'Ovo in Naples surrounded by boats
Naples, a jewel of Southern Italy, shares the third position with Berlin, boasting nine splendid castles. These fortresses, including Castel Sant'Elmo, Castel dell'Ovo, and Castel Nuovo, testify to the city's rich heritage.
"Naples' castles offer both historical intrigue and breathtaking coastal panoramas"
Perched on cliffs and overlooking the azure Tyrrhenian Sea, Naples' castles offer both historical intrigue and breathtaking coastal panoramas.

5. Ankara, Turkey (Eight castles)

View of Ankara castle in Turkey from below
Ankara, Turkey's bustling capital, shares its castle count with Vienna and Graz. Despite its urban sprawl, the city preserves eight historical castles, with Ankara Castle and the Estergon Turk Kultur Merkezi being prominent highlights.
These castles are like time capsules, providing glimpses into Turkey's storied past.

6. Graz, Austria (eight castles)

View of St Martin Castle in Graz, Austria from a yellow flower field
Graz, Austria's second-largest city, is an unexpected treasure trove of eight castles. Each castle showcases Austria's architectural diversity and historical significance.
Visitors can explore these charming fortresses, delving into Austria's rich history while enjoying the city's modern amenities.

7. Vienna, Austria (eight castles)

Belvedere Castle in Vienna, Austria.
Vienna, Austria's capital, shares the sixth position with Graz, boasting eight splendid castles. These regal structures, steeped in history, add an air of elegance to the cityscape.
Vienna's castles invite visitors to step into the world of imperial grandeur and artistic heritage.

8. Prague, Czech Republic (seven castles)

Prague castles and Charles bridge at night
Prague, the enchanting Czech capital, boasts seven castles that narrate the city's storied past. Among them, Prague Castle stands as an iconic symbol of the Czech Republic's history and culture.
"These castles, set against Prague's fairy-tale backdrop, beckon travellers to explore their medieval charm"
These castles, set against Prague's fairy-tale backdrop, beckon travellers to explore their medieval charm.

9. Milan, Italy (seven castles)

People at the fountain in front of Sforzesco castle, Milan
Milan, Italy's fashion and finance hub, surprises with its seven captivating castles. Amid the urban hustle, these castles offer a serene escape into Italy's history and art.
Milan's castles, such as the medieval Sforzesco Castle, are timeless reminders of the city's cultural richness.

10. Łódź, Poland (seven castles)

Besiekiery, ruins of a gothic castle in Łódź, Poland
Łódź, Poland's vibrant city, completes the top ten list with its seven castles. These lesser-known gems in Poland's cultural tapestry reveal the country's diverse architectural heritage.
Łódź's castles provide a unique experience for travellers seeking to delve into Poland's history beyond the well-trodden paths.
Banner: Rumeli fortress in Instanbul, Turkey. Credit: resulmuslu
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