Digested podcast: "Myth busting the menopause, with Dr Philippa Kaye"

Anna Walker 13 February 2020

Anna Walker speaks to Dr Philippa Kaye about the myths and taboos that surround the menopause.

The menopause is a moment many women fear because, for most of us, it's a topic shrouded in taboo.

Dr Philippa Kaye is on a mission to change that with her new book, The M Word, which talks frankly about the changes women should expect and how best to handle them, as well as tackling some of the more societal challenges this time in life can bring. 

Dr Phillippa Kay

She sat down with Anna Walker to discuss all things menopause, from hormones to hot flushes and HRT. 

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The M Word book
The M Word by Dr Philippa Kay is available now


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