Digested podcast: "What is ASMR? With Emma WhispersRed"

Digested podcast: "What is ASMR? With Emma WhispersRed"

We speak to ASMRtist Emma, also known as WhispersRed, about the relaxing phenomenon that is ASMR—Autonomous, Sensory, Meridian Response

In our age of constant information and communication, more and more of us are seeking out moments of calm. For many people, ASMR (or Autonomous, Sensory, Meridian Response) is a vital tool for reducing anxiety and inducing a special, "tingling" sensation.

Anna Walker talks with the ASMRtist and the author of Unwind Your Mind: The Life Changing Power of ASMR, Emma WhispersRed, about the phenomenon. 

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Emma filming ASMR
Emma WhispersRed in action, creating one of her popular videos

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