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Top 10 safe destinations for solo travellers

Top 10 safe destinations for solo travellers

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Thinking about taking up solo travelling but don’t know where to start? Here are ten safe destinations to kickstart your wanderlust journey
Setting off on a solo travel adventure is like turning the first page of a thrilling choose-your-own-adventure novel, with your backpack as your trusty sidekick. It's a journey that promises self-discovery, exploration and endless possibilities. However, to ensure an experience that is both worry-free and fulfilling, the safety of your chosen destination is of paramount importance.
In this guide, we'll explore ten solo travel destinations that not only offer an array of incredible experiences but also provide a safe and welcoming environment for the lone explorer. It's worth noting that while these destinations are renowned for their safety, it's still essential to exercise precautions, such as staying aware of your surroundings, securing your belongings, and following local guidelines and customs.


Torii gates in Japan
Japan, a mesmerising blend of ancient traditions and modern marvels, stands out not only for its breathtaking cherry blossoms and serene temples but also for its impeccable safety record. Crime rates in Japan are impressively low, and this can be attributed to the nation's deeply ingrained culture of respect and politeness.
You will find yourself navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo, exploring the serene temples of Kyoto, or soaking in the therapeutic waters of an onsen, all while enjoying a profound sense of security. So, rest assured that your journey in Japan will be one filled with tranquillity.


A group of puffins in the rain
Iceland, often dubbed the "Land of Fire and Ice," is renowned for its spellbinding natural beauty, boasting glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanoes that rival even the most captivating of adventure novels. However, what makes Iceland even more enticing for solo adventurers is its remarkable safety.
With one of the lowest crime rates worldwide, Iceland offers a haven for lone adventurers. The welcoming locals are as chill as the glaciers themselves, ready to assist you in your quest for adventure. So, pack your hiking boots and your sense of wonder, and prepare for an Icelandic journey that's as cool as an ice cave.

New Zealand

A valley in New Zealand
New Zealand, famously known for its spellbinding landscapes, charming Kiwis, and the backdrop of Lord of the Rings, is not just an adventure-seeker's dream; it's also the ideal destination for solo travellers.
The country's low crime rates, strong sense of community, and the ever-friendly locals make it an ideal choice for those setting out on their own. You can explore the remarkable fjords, hike the scenic trails, and even enjoy thrilling activities like bungee jumping, all without any lingering safety concerns. So, channel your inner hobbit, and embark on an adventure that's bound to be as precious as the One Ring itself.


A line of colourful houses in Norway
Norway, a Scandinavian gem known for its awe-inspiring fjords, Northern Lights displays, and vibrant cultural scene, offers solo travellers a safe haven that promises unforgettable experiences. The country's remarkable commitment to safety and low crime rates make it a destination of choice for those travelling alone.
You can don your warmest winter gear and embark on a journey filled with natural beauty that rivals even the most vivid dreams. With a harmonious population, solo travellers can explore Norway's wonders without any worry, both during the day and under the captivating Northern Lights.


Austria, with its picturesque cities like Vienna and Salzburg, is renowned for its safety and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of Vienna, walking in the footsteps of Mozart in Salzburg, or savouring the delicious Wiener Schnitzel in a charming alpine village, you can do so with absolute peace of mind.
So, whether you plan on waltzing the night away in a Viennese ballroom, hiking through alpine meadows, or appreciating the flavours of Austrian cuisine, you can do so with the assurance that Austria's commitment to safety and its legendary hospitality will make your solo adventure a memorable and secure one.


The Great White North is known for its strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, which significantly adds to its appeal as a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you're exploring the stunning national parks, enjoying the diverse culinary scene in Toronto, or getting up close and personal with the French-Canadian culture in Montreal, you'll find yourself in the comforting embrace of a nation that celebrates both its natural beauty and its rich cultural tapestry.
So, tap into the beauty of Canada with the confidence of a seasoned explorer and lose yourself in the land of vast natural landscapes, multicultural cities, and some of the friendliest locals you'll ever meet.


Gardens by the Bay
Singapore, a city-state that has masterfully blended efficiency, cleanliness, and modernity with a rich cultural heritage, stands out as an exemplary destination for solo travellers. The Lion City, as it's often affectionately called, not only captivates with its remarkable skyline but also with its low crime rates and a community that takes pride in its welcoming atmosphere.
From enjoying delectable street food in hawker centres to strolling through the lush Gardens by the Bay or the modern Lumina Grand, every adventure in Singapore is backed by a strong commitment to safety. As a solo traveller, you can explore the vibrant neighbourhoods, enjoy the stunning architecture, and navigate the efficient public transportation system with a sense of security that's as sturdy as the Merlion itself.


Switzerland, with its iconic Alpine scenery, efficient public transport, and an overall commitment to safety, offers solo travellers an opportunity to explore the great outdoors and the rich cultural heritage with peace of mind. The country is not just a hub for winter sports enthusiasts but also an ideal choice for those seeking adventure throughout the year.
Switzerland's devotion to safety isn't confined to the natural landscapes; it extends to every facet of your experience. The efficient public transportation system, known for its punctuality and reliability, ensures that you can easily navigate the country with confidence. Whether you're taking a scenic train ride through the Swiss Alps, hopping on a cable car to reach mountain summits, or using the efficient tram systems in cities like Zurich and Basel, you'll find the journey to be as smooth as the Swiss chocolate that melts in your mouth.

South Korea

A temple in South Korea
South Korea, a nation that seamlessly blends modernity with its rich cultural traditions, offers solo travellers an opportunity to explore a land that's both dynamic and deeply rooted in its heritage. With its steadfast commitment to safety, you can journey through the bustling streets of Seoul, explore the serene temples of Gyeongju, and savour mouthwatering Korean barbecue without a single safety concern on your mind.
Get ready to explore a land where K-pop meets ancient temples, where modern architecture complements historic palaces, and where every adventure is as colourful as a traditional hanbok.


A street food vendor in Taipei
Taiwan, the captivating island often referred to as the "Heart of Asia," is known for its welcoming atmosphere, low crime rates, and friendly locals. This enchanting destination not only boasts natural beauty but also a vibrant street food culture and a rich history waiting to be explored.
Whether you're strolling along a night market in Taipei, exploring the stunning Taroko Gorge, or immersing yourself in the historic surroundings of Tainan, Taiwan promises solo travellers an experience that's both enriching and safe.
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