10 Reasons you must visit Norway


1st Jan 2015 Travel

10 Reasons you must visit Norway

Known as one of Europe’s most adventurous and luxurious destinations, Norway is a location of stirring landscapes, high coastal cliffs, snowy peaks, forested hills, glaciers, antique cities and steep-sided fjords. 

A Norwegian adventure lingers long in the memory. We’ve outlined our top 10 reasons to visit Norway, one of Europe’s finest wilderness areas.

1. Northern lights

Northern lights

Known as the ‘Kingdom of Light’, Arctic Norway offers the best chance of seeing the incredible phenomenon of the Northern Lights. With vast open skies, free from light pollution, the region is widely regarded as one of the best in the world to catch the light show.

Yet the Arctic Circle isn’t the only place to see the famed Aurora Borealis—bustling Tromsø is vibrant, has an excellent range of museums, bars and excursions, and is a highly accessible location to consider. Or, venture to Finnmark—Norway’s most northernmost county, providing a regular, dancing aurora displays amidst a beautiful backdrop of mountains and islands.


2. Norwegian fjords

Carved by an ice sheet that smothered Northern Europe during ice ages, many of the fjords of Western Norway have been preserved from their glacier-scored landscapes to timeless natural attractions.

With an array of activities including kayaking, national parks, cruising and self-drive routes in the area, the breathtaking fjords are the best place to discover and explore a typical Norwegian landscape. 


3. Norway in a nutshell

Bergen Train

After discovering Oslo, home to a host of museums, shops and attractions, take the ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ railway tour, exploring Oslo to Bergen. This spectacular journey includes highlights such as the Bergen Railway—northern Europe’s highest stretch of railway—and the Flam Railway, one of the steepest in the world.

On your journey, pass ravines, snow-capped mountain peaks and two of the most picturesque fjords in the world—Naeroyfjord and Aurlandsfjord. That’s not forgetting Stalheimsklevia—an incredible road running between two magnificent, cascading waterfalls.


4. Husky safari

Husky safari

If you fancy trying your hand as a musher, then dog sledding in Norway is an absolute must. Travel at high speed across the Norwegian wilderness, led by a pack of eager huskies—often with a chance to feed and look after the huskies yourself. Hotel Harriniva offers one of the best farms onsite, with over 400 huskies willing to show you the best of their home wilderness.


5. Accommodation


When looking for something out of the ordinary, look no further than the incredible accommodations of Norway.

Experience a Polar adventure like no other in Norway’s most remote region at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel and immerse yourself in ice rooms, or visit one of Scandinavia’s most iconic hotels, the Snowhotel. This unique venture is re-sculpted every year, created entirely from snow and ice.

For an authentic destination hotel, sleep at Basecamp Ship in the Ice – an eponymous hotel that really is a ship, stuck in the ice. Accessible only by dogsled or snowmobile, this unique stay will leave a memory as eternal as the ship’s fate. 


6. Christmas in Lapland


Enjoy a Christmas like no other. Venture to Malangen Resort and spend Christmas under the Northern lights in Arctic Norway, in a charming fjord-side hotel.

Set amid a magical winter landscape, sample the unique culture of the Sami people, enjoy husky and snowmobile safaris, seek out the Northern Lights and enjoy a traditional Norwegian feast—perhaps even a visit from Santa himself!


7. Whale watching in the midnight sun

Whale watching

In a land where an everlasting sunset actually exists, there are few better ways to while away the night than watching whales.

From Andenes to Tromsø, explore northern Norway’s Arctic landscapes and wildlife, with whale sightings guaranteed. Tailor-made tours can be arranged, offering opportunities to spot fin, minke, pilot and sperm whales, alongside humpbacks and orcas.


8. Skiing


Norway is host to a range of ski resorts that are both family-friendly and well-suited for any ability. With multiple first-class ski resorts on offer, Norway holds a key advantage over other countries thanks to its modern facilities and quieter slopes—allowing more time on the mountains and less time queuing.

A variety of accommodation is on offer, from cosy log cabins to luxurious apartments, ensuring everyone is catered for.


9. Fish for king crabs

Have you ever caught your own dinner? How about catching your dinner in Arctic conditions?

Make your way to an ice plate or fjord, accessible only by snowmobile-and-sled, and begin by cutting holes in the ice and dropping your line in. Cook your catch back at a fisherman’s traditional home—what could be fresher than that?


10. Hiking

Experience luxurious hiking at the Lyngen Alps, exploring the best of the region's striking mountain and coastal scenery.

Travel deep into the Reisa Canyon, passing dense forests whilst spotting local wildlife and hiking further to Northern Norway’s highest waterfall. Observe dramatic Arctic landscapes, witness the midnight sun and magnificent fjords. The Lyngen Alps offer a variety of trails, from High Mountain and forest summits to gentle coastal strolls.

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