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The impact of technology on the iGaming World


11th Nov 2020 Technology

The impact of technology on the iGaming World

The rise of the smartphone and tablet, and other emerging technologies has had a huge impact on the iGaming industry over the last decade. 

You just have to look at the amount of dedicated mobile gaming apps that are available now, whether eSports and racing are your thing or you like a flutter in a mobile casino. 

There are now over 5 billion mobile phone users across the globe, and over 2.7 billion use smartphones. This means that any serious gaming company now has a mobile app to reach as many people as possible and allow them to play any game they want, wherever they want, 24/7. 

When we’re talking about the rise in popularity of iGaming, we can’t ignore the impact of the cancellation of many live sporting events this year, and the closure of casinos and other gambling establishments either. 

Sports betting fans and casino enthusiasts took to playing mobile eSports and casino games in droves to get their gambling fix, and mobile technology has made it easier and more engaging than ever to do so. 

Take the mobile casino. Online casino providers have gone to great lengths to create the ultimate casino experience. Ever more sophisticated graphics are making mobile gaming just like the real thing and new offerings are constantly being developed to attract a wider audience of players. 

Not only that, 5G will improve mobile casinos load times as well as provide a stable connection for players with no annoying lag. 

Advances in technology mean that opening your mobile casino app is now just like being at the real thing, with features like live dealers making the experience much more engaging and interactive. It’s now possible to interact with a real-life dealer and even with your fellow players, instead of just playing against a computer. You can play on a live roulette wheel or blackjack table rather than at a computer-generated one.  A night at the casino is still possible, even if you are on the sofa in your pyjamas! 

Virtual Reality is another exciting technological development that has brought mobile casinos to life. Imagine walking into a casino and looking around the room to choose a game you’d like to play (just like you did in the days before Covid!). This is a possibility with VR, and even though it’s only in it’s earliest stages of development, gaming companies are investing in it, and you might just find yourself wearing a VR headset and spinning the slots some day soon! 

Mobile gamers want to have fun, but they also want to be sure that when they are making deposits, they are completely secure. The emergence of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the availability of other secure payment methods like Skrill and PayPal mean that players no longer have to worry about their personal information being stolen or someone getting unauthorised access to their money. 

Technology has had a huge impact on our world, and the iGaming world is no exception. We just can’t wait to see what comes next. 

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