How effective is GamStop for UK players

How effective is GamStop for UK players

GamStop is a very well-known thing these days. It was developed in 2016 by NOSES (National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited) and it is available today.

The goal is to activate self-exclusion and to limit yourself from gambling at most online casinos and betting sites. GamStop is mandatory to be used at UKGC casinos. Let’s see how effective this option is.

Impressive data

In the United Kingdom over 430.000 people have a gambling addiction and they need help. GamStop gives them the help needed. For instance, a player can create an account, choose the duration of the ban and they are done. A player can choose 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years accordingly. The main feature here is self-exclusion.

All of the following data is obtained from feedback of the active users. 84% of the users have reported that they feel much better once they started with self-exclusion. They also feel less anxious about their issue and they feel happier which is mandatory when you are dealing with gambling addiction. 77% of the users have said that they feel much better about their finances and they don’t consider withdrawing money for gambling an option. Finally, the main feature of GamStop effectiveness is the fact that 80% of all the GamStop users have said that they are satisfied with the result and they have defeated their gambling addiction.

An interesting fact is that 63% of people are feeling better when it comes to relationships with their loved ones. They have improved their relationships. We all know that gambling addiction does affect relationships with family members.

50% of the people who have been using GamStop have increased the ban duration. Some even chose 5 years over 6 months. But, some of them are even interested in activating an even longer self-exclusion ban of 10 years. Others would like to ban themselves from gambling forever. At the moment the latter is not an option but you can still prolong the self-exclusion as many times as you want.

Most of the users are interested in knowing how they can keep ads related to gambling away from themselves of youth. According to the Betting and gambling council, these ads are not allowed on social media channels or TV programs that are commonly viewed by younger people.

In general, players would like to see GamStop more and more. They would like to be able to distance themselves from almost all casinos and betting sites when they activate their self-exclusion. At the moment this is not possible due to countless issues and rules.

Future of GamStop

There are a few things we would like to discuss here. As you were able to see GamStop is very effective and many users claim that once they started using it, the issue was resolved. Anyway, the upgrade must be present and we must see new things and new options about this platform.

One thing that GamStop officials have been trying to do and one that most users have reported as the most important upgrade is further presence. This would affect no registration casinos, crypto casinos, and offshore casinos that do not cooperate with UKGC. These all can accept players who are under GamStop self-exclusion and a player doesn’t have to do anything else. Some have been using VPN which may work as well but rarely. In a nutshell, an online casino that doesn’t have a UKGC license doesn’t have to implement GamStop. In this case, it is voluntary. All UKGC casinos must have support for GamStop or they will lose the permit. But many players use the best non GamStop casinos via NonGamStopSlots as an alternative and the popularity of those brands is growing in the UK. However, those casinos offer self-exclusion which means that you can contact their customer support and they will ban your account. This works for some casinos and not all.

The future should be as simple as we have revealed. More sites using GamStop or promoting it would be a much better decision and the thing that all players would like. It simply means that more users would be protected and they can get help when they need it.

You should know that there were similar options such as Gamblers Anonymous which was founded back in 1957 or even Gordon Moody Association which was founded in 1971. However, these options were more focused on helping by providing basic details and help but without any advanced capabilities. GamStop is much better than these options and it is one of the simplest yet most successful platforms of this kind players can use today and will be able to use in the near future.

The final word

GamStop has been one of the best methods of this kind and one of the most appealing you can use today. It is also one of the platforms that measure the highest rate of success and offer capabilities no other options have been known for. It helps people of all ages and is available for all UK players. Although some of them choose brands that do not cooperate with this program, the majority of players use this mechanism when they want to stop playing. Some gamblers would like to see GamStop in other countries and we do know that there are some speculations of this becoming a reality. It would make the platform even bigger and more useful.

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