Why British players choose casinos outside The GamStop

Why British players choose casinos outside The GamStop

As you may know already, gambling in the UK is extremely popular. There are over 24 million gamblers. Some of them use GamStop. This is also known as National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme and it was founded in 2018.


The goal here is that a player who has addiction issues or is worried about developing one, can create the account and use self-exclusion. As such, casinos will be unavailable for him for a specific period of time. However, some players want to gamble despite their self-exclusion period.

Reasons for growing popularity of non GamStop casinos

As we have mentioned earlier, players who are under self-exclusion cannot gamble at UKGC licensed casinos. Luckily for you, there is an alternative. You can play games at casinos that are not members of the GamStop and UKGC. These sites are known as non GamStop online casinos and they do come with interesting options, you can read more about reviews, features, and other stuff about casinos outside GamStop at NonGamStopBets.com.  Although there are countless reasons why a gambler will want to play games on non GamStop casinos, we believe that the 3 reasons below are crucial. In a nutshell, they make gambling possible, appealing and so much more. Here are the explanations for those reasons.

Fewer restrictions

These casinos are well-known for the low level of restrictions that they have. First of all, they will allow you to play casino games despite your GamStop self-exclusion period. Other restrictions are smaller as well. For instance, players from all UK can play all the games available there. Nevertheless, the main advantage is the one we have just mentioned. You can gamble once again and there are no other limitations.

Keep in mind that these sites are still safe. They have a proper license, they come with bonuses and they use amazing software providers. In other words, you can still enjoy gambling as you used to without annoying limitations. Yes, here you can still gamble if you have been using another blocking system.

Excellent casino software

Casinos of this kind still have an amazing collection of software developers. Some even offer over 80 software developers so it is easy to find a game you like. The selection of games is divided into casino games, table games, slots, and live dealer games among many others. These sites can offer over 3000 different titles and all you have to do is to pick the one you like, load the game and enjoy.

An interesting advantage is the fact you can find games that are not commonly available at UKGC casinos. These are usually slots of various lotteries. Non GamStop casinos don’t have to worry about UKGC regulations which are advanced and complicated. Instead, they can offer you all the games available. The situation is the same when it comes to software developers. You can find rare companies that are not available in other casinos. Some players prefer non GamStop casinos precisely due to this reason.

Better bonuses

First of all, non GamStop casinos do offer bonuses. Secondly, they offer very high bonuses. They don’t have to pay for different services and they are not heavily controlled. This means that a casino can afford to offer a much better bonus to the players than an ordinary site. You are looking at free spins, great welcome packages and so much more. As a matter of fact, you are looking at countless promotions that are one click away. It is definitely an appealing reason and one of the main facts why so many gamblers love to gamble here.

Don’t forget that you can still use different payment methods. Some of these bonuses are only available if you use a specific banking option. Luckily there are many options to choose from so this isn’t an issue.


Non-GamStop casinos still have a gambling license, usually from Curacao. They are a safe place to gamble. They also offer amazing bonuses and promotions due to the fact they pay fewer taxes. There are no limitations here. If you don’t have any issues, you can gamble despite your GamStop self-exclusion and you can get all the perks. This is also the only place where you can gamble if you are under the ban! Add a great selection of games and you can understand why so many gamblers like these casinos and enjoy gambling here.

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