8 Brilliant security cameras for home use


12th Apr 2024 Technology

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8 Brilliant security cameras for home use
If you're after extra peace of mind at home, a security camera can be a great method for thorough and ongoing monitoring
It can be important to think about home security for peace of mind when you’re out at work or away for a few days. Thankfully products like video doorbells have enabled people to instantly see activity at their front door, even from thousands of miles away. Security cameras act somewhat in the same principle but with features like spotlights, human detection and night vision.
If you’re in the market for some new security devices, here are a few recommendations for security cameras you can buy today.

eufy security SoloCam

eufy camera
For hassle-free and easy monitoring, this outdoor eufy camera is a great choice. It can also work continuously with solar power charging, saving you from installing new batteries or manually charging it.
Being IP67 waterproof, it’s able to resist the elements and any inclement weather that may be thrown at it. Also included is night vision and AI-powered human detection.
No monthly fee is involved for video access and only one purchase is required.
Connectivity – Wi-Fi
Special feature – 2K resolution, AI human detection

Blink outdoor camera

Blink camera
The Blink outdoor camera is a wire-free and easy to set up and manage camera. Blink’s camera comes with a long-lasting battery that runs for up to two years, with a frame built to last, come rain or shine.
No professional installation is required to get it up and running and you can also see and speak to visitors in real time with live view, which you can manage on the Blink Home monitor app.
This camera comes in different skews, from a one-camera to four-camera setup.
Connectivity – Wi-Fi
Special feature – Two-way audio, no professional installation

ANRAN two-pack security cameras

Anran camera
This battery powered security camera comes in a pair and can display 2K live video, as well as colour night vision even in poor light. Other features include AI motion detection, a smart siren and spotlight for some added security measures.
The cameras can be used indoors or outdoors, utilising low power technology to keep them running for one to six months at a time.
Connectivity – Wi-Fi
Special feature – night vision

Ring outdoor camera

Ring camera
One of the more well-known home security companies is Ring (now owned by Amazon), known for making security cameras and doorbells. This model is an outdoor camera that comes either as a stick-on or plug-in model, depending on your preferred type.
Other features include real-time notifications to alert you of movement, a quick-release battery pack, a live view feature and two-way audio.
Connectivity – Wi-Fi or hardwired
Special feature – quick release battery, indoor camera option

Noorio camera

Noorio camera
Coming in a futuristic spherical design, this security camera can be easily installed with its magnetic mount, both indoors and outdoors. This model has high-quality 2K resolution and AI detection for differentiating between people, animals and other moving objects like cars.
Compatible with Alexa smart devices, you can also monitor your camera feed remotely.
Connectivity – wireless
Special feature – night vision

Google G3AL9 nest camera

Google nest camera
Google does in fact make physical products and doesn’t do too badly with them as things turn out. The nest camera opts for a minimalistic look, with a high-resolution camera that can you send you motion alerts, which you can configure in the Google Home app.
With the Google Home app, you can also check back through video history and drop in at any time. Being battery-powered and having a magnetic mount, you simply need to pick a suitable spot and to set the camera and you’re ready to go.
Connectivity – Wi-Fi
Special feature – HD resolution, night vision

EZVIZ 2K camera

EZVIZ camera
This security camera features two-way audio and can work with solar charging. Other features include high-quality, 2K resolution and colour night vision to see details even on dark nights. This is helped by passive infra-red (PIR) detection, which can distinguish people from moving objects.
The camera can store video on SD card as well as on EZVIZ cloud storage, which you can opt-in to get a one-week trial.
Connectivity - Wireless
Special feature – built-in light

Tapo camera

Tapo camera
Coming in a two-camera pairing, this Tapo security camera offers full HD video quality, with an included alarm.
Other features of the camera include wire-free setup, a built-in microphone and speaker, plus a low-power 180-day battery that’s rechargeable. This model also comes with a two-year warranty.
Connectivity – Wi-Fi
Special feature – AI detection
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