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Home security: Best security measures to have in the house

Home security: Best security measures to have in the house
Nobody prays to come back to a burgled home. Nobody prays to have their home broken into or property stolen.
But let’s face it; these things happen every day.
In fact, according to a recent report making the rounds on the internet, at least one home is burgled every 15 seconds in the United States. In Australia, the number stands at one in every five homes.
The number may be lower or higher wherever you are in the world. But the fact remains that home security concerns are still a thing around the world.
So, how do you protect your home and property from these evildoers? How do you go to work without needing to worry that someone might break into your apartment?
By putting the following security measures in place.

Best security measures to have in the house

1. Plant security cameras in plain sight

The first security measure to have in the house is the placement of security cameras. Here, I recommend keeping your cameras in plain sight.
I know this may defy some logic – why would anyone put a camera where criminals can easily spot it? But hear me out. This idea makes sense for some reasons.
Firstly, installing a security camera where anyone can see them will instantly deter criminals from attempting any malicious activity they may have in mind.
Secondly, having a camera in plain sight sends a message to criminals that there are probably some other security measures in place.
A good place to plant an obvious camera would be your front door. Since the front door is usually the first point of entry for burglars and thieves, it makes sense to plant a piece that instantly deters them from entering. This modern wireless security camera is a good example of a device that can serve this purpose. You should check it out right away.

2. Plant hidden security cameras

Having security cameras in open places leaves room for tampering. Professional thieves and burglars may tamper with the camera or even try to avoid the line of coverage of the camera while carrying out their operation.
This is why it makes sense to have a second line of defense – a hidden camera, which will reveal the criminals' identities in case of a break-in.
Again, the wireless camera referenced above works here, too.

3. Have a security system setup in place

A security system is a setup designed to guard against all sorts of hazards, including fire, accidents, burglary, break-ins, attacks, etc.
 Generally speaking, most home security setup comes with elements such as:
  • Motion Detector
  • Window Sensor
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Sensor
  • Siren
  • Entry Sensor
  • Forceful Entry Alarm
As you can imagine, your home security needs may differ from that of someone living on the next street. So, it makes sense to speak with your local police department to get an idea of the crime statistics and possible risks.
Having this information will inform your choice of a home security system.

4. Say hello to your neighbours

Whether you're new in an area or not, it's advisable to be friends – or at least be on good terms – with your neighbours. This helps to keep an extra eye of protection on your house, especially when you're not around.
In case of a break-in attempt, your neighbours will most likely be the first to know someone is attempting to break into your property. In which case, they will contact the police or try to scare the burglar off.

5. Secure your doors

From the front door to the garage door, make sure every single door in your house has up-to-date, durable frames and protective hinges. On the surface, this will make it impossible for criminals to stroll into your property.
But beyond that, the kind of effort it would take to break such doors down will surely create some noise, which will likely alert your neighbours there’s been a break-in.

6. Make it look like someone is home

Have you ever wondered why most break-in incidents happen during work hours – I mean, between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM?
That's because most criminals would rather break into a property when the owner isn't there than do so when someone is home. Obviously, it's easier that way.
To deter criminals from burgling your home, it's advisable to put certain measures in place that make it look like someone is in the house.
This may include:
  • Leaving an interior light
  • Having a smart TV system – one that goes on and off periodically
  • Having a smart lighting system that goes on and off periodically
  • Setting up an alarm system
  • Having pets running around
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