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Most common moving mistakes and ways to avoid it

Most common moving mistakes and ways to avoid it

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful. You will have to make a moving checklist, ensuring that everything is appropriately packed and doesn’t miss out on anything.

Along with this, selling your house and finding a new one, it is natural for you to feel drained out. With so many things running over your mind, it is natural for you to make some mistakes. But sometimes, the error you commit might impact your entire moving plan.

To avoid these mistakes, you must be aware of them first. So, look into this guide to understand the most common moving mistake that people makes and find the best solution to avoid them.

Not hiring a reliable moving company

One of the biggest mistakes that can cost you money and time is not hiring a reliable moving company. With various moving companies in the market, you might find it challenging to choose the right company for you. So, when you plan to shift or come to know that you are going to relocate, start looking for a reliable moving company whom you can trust.

To avoid committing this mistake, you should find an experienced moving service with a certificate of excellence. Then, find first-class movers like CBD Movers, who can help you with your moving and will help streamline your moving process from packing to transportation and unpacking. 


One of the most common mistakes that people commit is procrastinating. As we know, moving from one place to another is not an easy task. With tasks like packing, decluttering, and more, you have many things to do for a swift-moving. When you are packing in a hurry without any plan, there are chances that you may forget to pack something important or break something, or worse, hurt yourself.

To avoid this situation, people need to plan. An early start is the key to a stress-free and successful move. Create a moving checklist, clear your clutter, purchase packing supplies, and prepare for your children and pet as early as possible. Understand that procrastination will only lead to mistakes and confusion. 


Forgetting to plan for a new home

In a rush to move out of your old home, there are possibilities for you to forget to set up your new home. For example, without setting up your new home, you might have to enter a dusty house without electricity, a water supply, or a heater. 

When you plan to move to your new home, contact the utility company to provide you with a power supply. Also, learn what you should do to register your vehicle if you are moving to a new state, notify your friends and relatives about your move, and give them your new address. Additionally, contact a cleaning and repair service to ensure that your new home is in good condition, find the best internet supplier in the locality and contact them, and purchase all the furniture and things for your house beforehand.

Another helpful step is to visit the place you are going to shift. Look for the nearest grocery store, medical store, gas station, post office, car wash, and dispensary. If you are a fitness freak, locate a gym or a yoga studio. Familiarising yourself with the new place by doing all the stated things and preparing for the things you will need in your new home in advance will help you make your relocation easier.

Unorganized boxes

Packing should not be limited to stuffing your things in random boxes. It needs to be organized. Imagine you come to your new home and do not know where you kept the items. You will feel drained and frustrated to open every box to find something you need immediately. To avoid this situation, clearly mark each box to indicate what is inside each. This is important for items you need immediately, like kitchen utensils or toilet paper.


Not giving importance to declutter

We are very enthusiastic about buying things and stuffing our home. However, when we purchase an item, we do not check whether they are helpful and what we are going to do with it. Without thinking, we buy many things and make our home a storehouse for waste. And most of us, when we move from one home to another, we carry all these waste items to our new home, wasting our time and money. 

When packing, make sure you declutter all the junk in your house. You can even donate the things you are no longer using or give them to your family or friends.

Not understanding mover’s liability coverage

While moving from one place to another, there are possibilities for you to damage or break your valuable assets accidentally. But with the help of a mover’s liability coverage, you can save yourself from damage to your item. Most states demand carrier liability coverage and many reputed companies offer a good level of coverage. So, ensure you have coverage before putting your things in the trucks. But before buying additional coverage, contact your current house owner and see if they are covering for damages or lost items.

So, avoid these mistakes to have a safe and secure move.

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