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Five tips that will make your relocation easier


22nd Sep 2020 Home & Garden

Five tips that will make your relocation easier

Whether it's because of a new job, the need for more space or just to experience new surroundings, moving to a new house is a chore that thousands of us take part in every year. Not only can this be a very time-consuming process, but I can also be a stressful one. In fact, several surveys have put moving to a new house as one of the most stress-inducing activities you can be a part of.

But does it really have to be this way? We’re creatures who enjoy simplicity and the easy way around problems such as these. So surely somebody has come up with strategies to make moving to a new house less of a drain on your emotional state.

Whilst the tips below may not take all of the stress out of this process, they will certainly make the moving experience easier to handle.

Make use of storage facilities

Loading everything up in one truck and transporting all of your belongings in well fell swoop is an optimum strategy for moving, but one that is sometimes unavailable or just not applicable to many. If you’re moving long distances, this can mean several trips back and forth in a short period, leading to fatigue and frustration.

By booking out a nearby storage unit in advance, you can intermittently fill this space with items that are not needed in the immediate future and help break up these trips across a matter of months rather than a couple of days.

This will not only save you work down the line but help you feel like you are working towards the move rather than just sitting and waiting until the penultimate few days. Most storage facilities nowadays come with safety guarantees, ensuring your possessions are protected from damage and theft whilst they are sat there.

Pack logically

With so much to pack up, it can be tempting to have the mindset of “just stick things anywhere, they’re all going to the same place anyway”. Whilst this might save you a bit of time at the initial stage when it comes to finding specific items later down the line you will have no idea where they could be.

Many items are often said to get lost during a move, and often this is just because they’re placed in a box that no one has bothered to look in yet. By packing boxes logically, you can save yourself from misplacing any items and be able to find and locate specific objects quickly and easily.

Arrange the utilities in your new home

Organising the suppliers of your heating and electricity in your new home is often one of the last things people think about. After all, they’ve got the move itself to think about as well as the unpacking and countless other tasks.

However, these utilities can often hang over a person’s head causing stress about if and when the lights may go out due to a delay in payment. A lot of utilities can be set up in advance of the move itself. To organise utilities and other bills such as council tax, simply go to the desired website and enquire about your move and if you can pre-organise the switch.

This will leave you with one less thing to worry about when the big day arrives and means you don’t fall foul of any late fees should you forget about a certain bill!

Book a removal company

It’s an additional cost but having professional movers on your side to help shift furniture and other larger items is a much-advised tactic when moving long distances. Not only will they help you lift and safely store your items, but you can often book insurance out to protect yourself if any items should happen to be damaged during the move.

These are luxuries you do not get when you simply rely on a family friend with a van. Whilst it’s often a kind offer to receive, remember that this is a stressful time, so tempers are likely to flare, and you don’t want to be starting arguments with friends!

Stay calm

Finally, try and remain calm during your move. Remember this is a time for celebration and happiness, so embrace the challenge. Practice meditation, widen your perspective and try to go with the flow. This is one or two days of hard work and then you can enjoy your new home, so keep smiling!

If you want to know more about relocation/ immigration, you can find relevant information at

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