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How to decorate a small bathroom: Trends 2022

How to decorate a small bathroom: Trends 2022

These small bathroom decor ideas will add a touch of luxury to your home while helping to maximise your space. Here are the latest small bathroom trends in 2022

While many of us dream of large, luxurious and open-plan bathrooms complete with a roll-top bath and spa shower, the reality is that the average UK bathroom measures little more than 2m x 2m.

But all is not lost. With some careful planning of the room’s layout, this actually gives ample room for your choice of fixtures and fittings, with as much glitz and glamour as you desire.

"The average UK bathroom measures little more than 2m x 2m"

Creating the feeling of space in what generally is the smallest room in the home may seem like a challenge, but with a bit of design savvy even the most compact of bathrooms can be practical and stylish.

And by incorporating some of the latest trends and a little clever thinking, the space can even end up looking and feeling a lot bigger than it actually is.

Timeless elegance with wall-hung furniture

Wall hung blue sink in bathroom with white and blue open wall decorationDesigned to be wall-hung, making it perfect for space-saving in the small bathroom, RAK-Resort furniture range from RAK Ceramics is available in five unit options, including a corner unit and in five colours of white, grey, mushroom, stone and denim blue

With small bathrooms being the norm rather than the exception, there is a wealth of design solutions available to help maximise the potential of the space that you do have. Wall-hung sanitary ware and furniture, for example, is a look that is always on-trend.

As well as creating the illusion of space in the smaller bathroom (and making cleaning around and under fixtures and fittings easier), it creates a timeless impression too.

A wall-hung unit complete with washbasin hides plumbing work beneath the sink while creating important storage space. Combine this with some open shelving units and a wall-hung WC to fully embrace the luxe, hotel-inspired look.

Look for furniture that has a low projection too. This removes the risk of bulky fittings encroaching on the space and making it feel cramped, while still providing plenty of room for storing cosmetics and bathroom textiles.

Add personality through colour

Bathroom sink with pink and black tiling on walls and round fluorescent lit mirrorAdd a splash of personality to the bathroom with Marakkesh tiles from RAK Ceramics. From the latest pastel tones to the most intense material effects and tile sizes, the tiles can be combined in range of ways to turn any splashback into a work of art

A huge trend in bathroom design at the moment is the use of colour. Gone are the days of sterile white spaces, replaced instead with pops of accent colour that add personality and flair to this most personal of spaces.

This trend works well across any size bathroom, including compact spaces.

"Pops of accent colour add personality and flair to this most personal of spaces"

Avoid adding too much colour or contrasting tones so the look isn’t overbearing, but do introduce some bright, bold or pastel tones to change things up.

A brightly coloured splashback, for instance, or a washbasin in warm cappuccino, are both on-trend ideas that will really make your small bathroom pop.

Spa-inspired showering

Luxury shower with stone style tiles and glass screen doorCreating a spa-like effect, this RAK Ceramics shower tray features elegant and contemporary lines and is made from is made of RAKSOLID, a durable mix of natural minerals and resins with an anti-slip matte finish

Less is so often more in bathroom design, and never more so than in compact spaces. Even the most high-end of hotels often face the challenge of limited floor space in guest bathrooms, opting for frameless glass shower screens and low-level trays as a stylish yet highly practical solution.

This hotel-inspired look is a huge trend, creating a wet room vibe that is ideal for relaxing in. Opening up the bathroom in this way enables light to circulate freely to make the space look and feel bigger, and enables the whole family to access the shower safely and in comfort.

Choose large format tiling in this area to create the illusion of spaciousness while keeping hard-to-clean grout lines to a minimum.

Finish the look off with shower brassware in an on-trend finish such as brushed brass or matte black, plus bath and basin mixers and accessories in the same colourway for a cohesive look throughout the bathroom.

Enhance the illusion of space with a bathroom mirror

Fluorescent lit rectangle mirror hanging on wall above white sink in bathroomThe RAK-Tanzanite LED mirror features the latest technology for the modern bathroom, with a touch-sensor switch which is perfect for operating with wet hands, and a demister pad to clear the mirror ready for use regardless of how steamy the bathroom gets.

Arguably the most important accessory of them all, of course, is the bathroom mirror, and the latest trends in this product category enable you to really make a splash, even when space is limited.

"Opt for a mirrored cabinet for handy storage and include integrated lighting"

Maximising the potential of your wall space, opt for a mirrored cabinet for handy storage and include integrated lighting and even the latest smart technology to really go big on luxury in the compact bathroom.

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